Andrea Thompson Age: What is the Age of Tristan Thompson’s Mom?

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Andrea Thompson Age has been widely searched after her death. Let us have a look at the cause of her death. Tristan Thompson is a Canadian-American professional basketball player who last played for the Chicago Bulls of the NBA. Tristan’s mother’s sudden demise was the subject of the news in recent days. So, the fans are curious to know about Tristan’s mother.

Andrea Thompson Age And When Did She Die?

Andrea Thompson age at the time of death was 49 years old as per sources. Tristan Thompson’s Mom died on January 5 2023. People Magazine said Andrea Thompson passed away at her home in Canada on Thursday. 

Andrea Thompson Age: What is the Age of Tristan Thompson’s Mom?
Andrea Thompson Age: What is the Age of Tristan Thompson’s Mom?

Who Is Tristan Thompson?

Tristan Thompson is a professional basketball player with dual Canadian-American citizenship. His previous NBA team was the Chicago Bulls. With the Cleveland Cavaliers, he also won the 2016 NBA Finals. Tristan has had a long and successful career in the NBA, having previously played for the Sacramento Kings, Boston Celtics, and Indiana Pacers. Tristan Trevor James Thompson is the real name of Tristan Thompson. Tristan Thompson has also represented Canada on the international stage.

Tristan Thompson’s Mother Died

Tristan Thompson’s mother has passed away suddenly in Toronto, as per TMZ. Many sources say that Tristan’s mother, Andrea, suffered a heart attack at home. Andrea was rushed to a local hospital where medical authorities tried to resurrect her, but she didn’t do it. Tristan went out from Los Angeles to be with his family in Toronto. Tristan Thompson has shared many pictures with his mom over the years. He has posted pictures of his mother, Andrea, along with his kids. Andrea was a lovable grandmother to Tristan’s kids. 

Who Is Tristan Thompson’s Mother?

Andrea Thompson is the mother of Tristan Thompson. Andrea Thompson’s age is not known at this moment, as per Andrea Thompson was perhaps a school bus driver, according to the rumours, but this information still needs to be confirmed. Andrea Thompson Age might be 49 years old in 2023, as per leedaily. Andrea’s son Tristan gave a deep interview about his mother. 

Sadly, Tristan Thompson’s Mother Passed Away

TMZ reports that Tristan Thompson’s mom passed away unexpectedly in Toronto. Andrea, Tristan’s mother, reportedly had a heart attack at their home, as reported by numerous sources. The authorities attempted to revive Andrea at the local hospital but to no avail. Over the years, Tristan Thompson has shown his mother countless photographs. He has shared family photos, including his mom, Andrea, and his two young children. Andrea, Tristan’s grandmother, was a wonderful figure in the lives of his children. 

What Happened To Tristan Thompson’s Mom?

According to page six, Tristan Thompson’s mom suffered a cardiac arrest and was declared clinically dead. Sadly, a heart attack took her life suddenly. Andrea reportedly had a heart attack on January 5, 2023, while at her home, as first reported by TMZ. She was then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where doctors and nurses vainly attempted resuscitation. Kris Jenner expressed her deepest condolences and paid tribute to Andrea Thompson, who passed away after suffering a heart attack. This made people enquire about Andrea Thompson Age. As stated above, Andrea Thompson Age was around 49 years. However, there is no official confirmation of Andrea Thompson Age. 

Kardashian and Tristan

Tristan Thompson is receiving support from the Kardashian–Jenner family as he goes through the difficult time of grieving the unexpected death of his mother. Multiple news outlets have reported that Andrea Thompson suffered a heart attack on Thursday, the day she passed away unexpectedly at her home in the Toronto area. Her son, who formerly played in the NBA, has returned to his hometown of Chicago to be with his family during this trying time; reportedly, his ex-girlfriend Khloé Kardashian is by his side.

According to E! News, Kardashian will assist Tristan in “navigating a difficult time.”  Coparenting True, who is four years old, and their son, who is five months old, is something the exes do despite the ups and downs they’ve experienced in their relationship. Andrea and Kardashian had a close relationship.

On January 6, Kris Jenner posted a confirmation on Instagram that her family would stand behind Tristan. Jenner lauded Tristan’s mother’s unwavering commitment to the family by posting photographs of her at various family gatherings.

Tristan has not been shy about discussing the hardships that his mother endured so that he could pursue a career in professional basketball. On Mother’s Day in the year 2020, the NBA player thanked his mother in a caption that accompanied an Instagram post featuring her. We hope now you know Andrea Thompson Age and her cause of death.

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