The Pale Blue Eye Ending Explained: Real Killer Revealed Here!

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The newest Gothic mystery-thriller streaming on Netflix has been mindboggling for the fans, and so, The Pale Blue Eye ending explained the truth to provide a clear answer. Scott Cooper has played with the viewers’ minds with his latest film, and we cannot deny the suspenseful atmosphere he has created. This is his third collaboration with Christian Bale; in addition to the star, Harry Melling is also gracing our screens.

The Pale Blue Eye Ending Explained Real Killer Revealed Here!
The Pale Blue Eye Ending Explained Real Killer Revealed Here!

To briefly discuss the storyline, Harry plays Edgar Allan Poe, a famous Gothic poet cadet at the West Point military academy. The plot is set in 19th-century New York, and things turn when Leroy Fry, a cadet’s death, suddenly shakes West Point. One end led to a string of murders, and it is high time to find the truth. Well, the scandal has now stained the reputation of West Point, and Bale’s character Augustus Landor has come to investigate the situation. Despite being a retired detective, he had no choice but to identify the killer to stop the gruesome acts. Landor also finds a trusted partner in cadet Poe. But why so? It is because Poe’s dark imagination will give ultimate clues regarding the killer and his motives. So is The Pale Blue Eye ending explained? We will explain it all, including the significant discovery about the killer.

The Pale Blue Eye’s Ending Explained: Who Is The Real Killer?

The Pale Blue Eye ending explains the natural killer to be detective Augustus. He has killed both Leroy Fry and Randolph Ballinger. Through the initial course of finding the truth, Landor tries to pin the murder on Lea and Artemus. Besides, he also was on the way to blaming the murders on two dead people. However, Landor smartly outplays everyone and murders the two cadets to seek revenge.

But why so? It is because Fry and Ballinger raped Landor’s daughter Mattie two years back. This led to Mattie committing suicide and being a father; he couldn’t bear his daughter’s pain. He wanted them to pay the price with their lives.

However, after this, another crime was happening in West Point that no one was aware of. This was an unpredictable discovery, but the truth was about to be out. Dr. Daniel Marquis (Toby Jones) was practicing satanic black magic to cure Lea (Lucy Boynton), his daughter, who had epilepsy. To execute these rituals, Marquis used to mutilate the victims’ bodies and remove their hearts. Poe becomes the victim, but then Landor finds the truth. So, with The Pale Blue Eye ending explained, we know he saves him.

Later Poe discovers that Landor is the mastermind criminal, and now he cannot decide whether to hand Landor to the authorities or maintain silence. Poe respects him because he protects his time and again despite it being hard on him. He couldn’t be unfaithful to Landor, whom he admires so much!

The Pale Blue Eye Ending: What Does This Mean?

Well, The Pale Blue Eye ending is explained to address the confused fans. It depends on the fans’ perception of punishments and villains. Towards the end, we see Poe silently suffering while joining the Military Academy. Though he wasn’t good at what he did, Landor guided him. But still, Poe chooses to leave behind Landor and go his way, which is more of a punishment for his deceit. During the final scene, Landor is seen revisiting the cliff from where his daughter gave her life by jumping off the cliff. The act of vengeance gave him peace, and now it was time for Landor to give up on the hair ribbon of the daughter that he had treasured for so long. The hair ribbon was released, the wind flew it to a different place, and Landor whispered, “Rest, my love.”

Interestingly, the ending of Louis Bayard’s novel is brutal to have a cinematic representation of. Now that The Pale Blue Eye ending explained the idea of the film, Scott just outdid himself. It would have been nothing more than an injustice if it showed Landor’s death or time behind bars. Moreover, even if Landor himself did some crimes in the name of justice, it does not anger the audience. This film shows that morality doesn’t get a pleasing light. But there is a sense of relief with the justice being served, even brutally.

The Pale Blue Eye ending explained the concept, and we finally understood the creator’s motive. If you still need to watch the film, you miss a masterpiece. So, head to Netflix and watch the suspense thriller. You are never going to see murder stories in the same way

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