Lee Ryan’s Net Worth, Age, Height and Relationship

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Lee Ryan’s net worth took a turn for the worst even after having the opportunity to earn all fame and fortune through his singing career. Fans know him as a member of the iconic English boy band Blue. Once, the singer was among the famous faces of the industry. But all his wealth seems to have come down to a mere number, even after giving hits after hits during the peak time of his career. He had built a million-dollar empire for himself, and seeing such a downfall was shocking. The singer even tried to revive his career, but sadly, it did have a significant setback.

Lee Ryan Net Worth, Age, Height and Relationship
Lee Ryan Net Worth, Age, Height and Relationship

So, after all the difficulties, how much more of Lee Ryan’s net worth is left with him? He had already claimed to be bankrupt. Thus, the dedicated fans are now concerned if the singer could manage to survive in this time of crisis or not. 

What Is Lee Ryan’s Net Worth In 2023?

Lee Ryan’s net worth is only $1000. The singer and actor declared bankruptcy in 2015. Despite all his financial woes, he still owns a Mercedes. No details about his fortune, real estate, or bank statement are available. Hopefully, he had spent all of his earnings and might have sold the properties. The songwriter also stated that his career was suffering after the COVID-19 outbreak. So, the sources of his income are now limited.

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Who Is Lee Ryan? Know About His Downfall From Success

Once a celebrity with millions of fans dying to get a glimpse of him, Lee Ryan’s net worth was never thought to have such a significant downfall. Born on 17th June 1983 in Chatham, Kent, England, Lee Ryan’s love to perform began during his teen years. To nurture his talent, he went to study at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and then again at the Italia Conti Academy of the Arts. Soon after getting his degree, he started his professional performing career in 2000. He soon became part of the British boy band Blue which became a worldwide success. Their songs One Love, All Rise, I Want It That Way, and other numbers became international hits. 

From tours and live performances to creating new music, the band sold over 14 million albums early in their career. The group was together from 2000 to 2005 because they disbanded to focus on their solo career. However, again all the members came together to relaunch their group. But that wasn’t as successful as their immediate success.

Lee Ryan also dropped one moderately successful solo album. He also tapped into the world of acting with The Pretender Agenda at New Players Theatre. His second album with Sony BMG was shelved, and after getting a deal with Geffen Records, even that album got shelved.

He later participated in Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC in 2018 with Nadiya Bychkova. But as the second competitor who was eliminated. After many failed attempts to expand Lee Ryan’s net worth, he finally got to drop the single Ghost after nine years in 2019. Then he was in E4’s Celebs Go Dating and later released songs Mockingbirds and Swayed. Ryan also released his sixth studio album, Heart & Soul, with his teammates.

Lee Ryan Age and Height

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Lee Ryan is currently 39 and will soon be 40 years old. He weighs 80kgs and is 5ft 10 or 1.8m tall.

Lee Ryan Relationships

Like Lee Ryan’s net worth, his relationship has always been controversial. He is now probably single, but there are several dating updates regarding his previous relationship. Here is the list of his past affairs:

  • Engaged to Liz McClarnon in May 2003 and separated in 2004 
  • Lee Ryan reportedly hooked up with Janet Jackson in 2004
  • Lee Ryan had a causal relationship with Caprice Bourret in 2004
  • Maxine Higham and Lee Ryan were in a relationship from January 2004 to Mar 2004
  • Emily Oldfield and Lee Ryan used to have an affair from July 2004 to December 2005
  • Sammi Millar and Lee Ryan were together from 2008 to October 2012
  • Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan were in a relationship from February to April 2014

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How Did Lee Ryan Go Bankrupt?

Lee was the last to declare bankruptcy in 2015. All of his band members previously proclaimed the same. The main reason behind a significant drop in Lee Ryan’s net worth and other team members was that all funds were exhausted because of legitimate company expenses and not extravagant parties. In 2020, England police caught the singer twice for driving over 70 MPH. He said he doesn’t have to pay $2,000 in court costs because he has no money to pay.

Ryan’s career needs a breakthrough to win back his prestige. Hopefully, then only, Just like Lee Ryan’s net worth, will recover and be right on track!

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