Robin Arzon Pregnant: She Is Expecting Her Second Child With Drew Butler

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Is Robin Arzon pregnant with baby no. 2? Yes, she is! A new motherhood journey is about to begin for Robin and her husband, Drew Butler. In an unexpected turn of events, the announcement came, and it came out in the moment’s spontaneity. The couple is over the moon after receiving this happy news. And they are more excited to become a part of their parenthood again.

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Robin Arzon Pregnant She Is Expecting Her Second Child With Drew Butler
Robin Arzon Pregnant She Is Expecting Her Second Child With Drew Butler

beyond happy to get the opportunity to explore this beautiful phase yet again. The fans and the couple’s friends were clueless about the news until she made the big reveal. You will love the way the whole Robin Arzon pregnant reveal was made. So, how did it surprise everyone? Buckle up since things are going to get tremendously exciting.

Robin Arzon is Pregnant With Second Child Of Husband Drew Butler

Robin Arzon’s pregnant news announcement aired on Monday, January 9th’s episode of “Live With Kelly and Ryan.” This is her second child with her loving husband, Drew Butler. They already have a beautiful 22-month-old daughter Athena who is now ready to be a big sister. The reveal came very casually since the fitness instructor broke this lovely news during a candid conversation.

During the episode, fans saw Azon demonstrating some workout moves to Seacrest. To that, Ryan asked if she had done all of these activities while pregnant. In the spur of the moment, the reveal was made. Arzon said with a smiling face that it is funny how he asked about this since she was pregnant. And to further clarify her statement, Peleton’s head instructor confirmed that she is carrying a second child.

We are happy to see the wolf pack expanding. She shared the news details during an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine. She expressed how the whole family, including her daughter Athena, cannot wait for the new addition. Moreover, the boss-lady also talked about the exact moment Robin Arzon’s pregnant revelation was dropped on her husband.

Recalling the moment, she says she captured a small video of that surprising, heart-warming moment. Drew was in his robe then, and the instructor recorded her husband’s honest reactions. Besides, her baby is touching her belly, saying “hi” to the baby, and expecting the good news to arrive soon. She even shared the information on Instagram, and fans are waiting for a new chapter of this happy family.

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Will Robin Arzon Continue Her Workouts During Her Second Pregnancy?

Yes, Robin also plans on dedicating time to her workouts during her second pregnancy. Robin Amelia Arzon is a popular figure famous as an ultramarathon runner. She is the vice president and the head instructor of Peloton fitness programming. Besides, the fitness instructor has put her years of experience into words and wrote the best-selling book, “Shut Up and Run.” So naturally, with Robin Arzon’s pregnant news blowing up on the internet, fans are wondering if she will also continue with her workout routines this time.

Yes, Arzon was actively working out during her first pregnancy as she feels it is essential to stay active and not follow unjustified restrictions. She believes that society is under-preparing all women for pregnancy. Women are restricted from walking, kicking, or lifting their feet during pregnancy. Robin suggests finding time to work out to feel like herself is essential. Since her body is already doing its own thing during pregnancy, she needs to work out to feel powerful. For her, working out when pregnant is like a small victory.

Well, she does talk about how anyone can make adjustments to workout lengths and intensity according to what their body needs. Also, proper sleep and nutrition are essential, and with Robin Arzon pregnant again, she plans to follow the same.

It is always great to see our favorite stars unlock new milestones in their personal and professional life. And Robin Arzon’s pregnant news is just another hint of how these celebs also focus on the betterment of their personal life. We hope she has a positive and stress-free pregnancy journey ahead!

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