Horizon Call of the Mountain Pre order Now Available for PSVR2

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We are excited to announce that Horizon Call of the Mountain Pre Order is now exclusively available for PlayStation VR 2. It is officially launching on 22 February 2023.

The appreciation goes to Guerilla and Firesprite games. They always succeed in providing a wide range of impressive sights of the game through the dangerous world of Horizon. It has been available for pre-order on PlayStation Store for an expected price of $60, and the bundle of PS VR 2 units is only $600. Additionally, the requirement of Play station VR 2 hardware is necessary to experience the expensive Horizon Call of the Mountain.

 Horizon Call of the Mountain: New Teaser

The upcoming trailer for the Horizon game does not just give a small glimpse but gives viewers a broad idea of what they can expect. It shows that the game will be full of adventure via a short scene. In the new teaser of Horizon Call of the Mountain Pre order, Ryas, a Carja Warrior, begins his role in examining a new risk to uncover a secret threat. Climbing master Ryas, who suffered from a challenging past, will need to apply all his skills in his dangerous journey. Throughout Horizon Call of the Mountain, many weapons and instruments will come across to survive against the weapons and heavy machines. On the other hand, other Horizon characters involving Aloy herself will play a guest role in this upcoming game.

Horizon Call of the Mountain Pre order Now Available for PSVR2
Horizon Call of the Mountain Pre order Now Available for PSVR2

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In addition, Studio Director Guerrilla Jan Bart Vanbeek says about the gameplay, ‘This game is designed to push the gameplay technology and hard work innovation. Welcome to the new Horizon Call of the Mountain’.

Moreover, the second upcoming trailer will show the characters in full action.

Is the Development of the Game Well Advanced?

Chris James for Guerrilla’s upcoming blockbuster’ Horizon Forbidden’ who worked as a senior designer. His tweet regarding the new game provides a little look into developmental rank. A new character can be seen from a teaser providing a glimpse of the game experienced from the first-person perspective in VR fashion. He replied to moderator Geoff Keighley while explaining on Twitter that: “This has been in development for a while. I haven’t worked on it, but I promise you it will change what AAA means for VR. It’s amazing!”. He also notifies that the work on the game is still going on.

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