Is Nick Offerman Gay? An Explanation of His Role in ‘The Last of Us’

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Many people are confused about Is Nick Offerman Gay? Or he played the role of Gay in ‘The Last of Us’. However, Nick Offerman represents the character of Bill as ‘Gay’ in the Video game ‘The Last of Us.’ He is best known for his humorous and challenging-headed role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. In his twenty-year professional career, he has acted in almost fifty films.

Is Nick Offerman Gay?

No, Nick Offerman himself is not gay. A 52 years old man portrays the character of Bill as Gay to make us believe in love. He had never played a gay role before and was a straight character in his personal life. He is a significant survivalist with his partner Frank who ended their lives for each other, united by love in the 3rd episode of HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’.

Nick, in his interview about the issue arising from his gay role, says:

 “So, in my lifetime, that’s been gender issues, queer issues, and race issues – and that’s where my heart has gone. When I read scripts, if there’s any humor that’s misogynistic or homophobic or racist, that is just a red flag.”

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Role of Nick Offerman in ‘The Last of Us’ Explained

If we start discussing Nick Offerman’s role, it will become a significant discussion. It is mind-blowing to see the Nick Offerman Gay role as Bill in HBO’s ‘The Last of Us.’ However, Bill’s role as Gay is one of the most important and meaningful roles, giving society a chance to think about such characters which are more likely to represent today. Likewise, Murray Bartlett ( The White Lotus Emmy winner) plays the role of Frank, a gay man.

Is Nick Offerman Gay An Explanation of His Role in ‘The Last of Us’
Is Nick Offerman Gay An Explanation of His Role in ‘The Last of Us’

Moreover, Nick Offerman respects his thematic figure as gay, which is highly significant to the progress of the story of ‘The Last of Us.’ He was confused about his character as Bill but wanted to do it by heart. The latest third episode, which premiered last week, Sunday, titled ‘Long Long Time,’ revolves around Bill and Frank’s connection with each other and left the fans weeping. The episode counted as one of the best hours of television.

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Nick Offerman Relationship?

Yes, Nick Offerman is married to Megan Mullally, a fellow actress. Megan is famous for her role in Will and Grace as Karen Walker. Although they are a straight couple, they are vocal about gay rights. So, that’s why Nick’s role as Bill is perfect in ‘The Last of Us.’

The reaction of Viewers to Nick Offerman’s Role as Gay

As many people are watching the game series ‘The Last of Us’. Many viewers have affirmed that Bill and Frank’s characters would win awards for their outstanding performances after watching ‘The Last of Us’ third episode. After watching the latest series, someone tweeted, ‘Nick Offerman is the only straight man I’m okay with playing a gay character. He is the exception to the rule,’

Additionally, another person writes, ‘Also let me be obvious: If/when Nick Offerman wins an award for this, I will not be complaining about a straight actor winning an award for playing gay him, and Craig Mazin talked about making sure they did the work to portray this honestly and respectfully.’

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