What is Stewart Rhodes Net Worth in 2023?

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The name, Stewart Rhodes is surfacing online, and people have many questions related to him. One of the popular questions is related to Stewart Rhodes’ Net Worth. It is safe to say that he has a pretty amazing net worth. Stewart has managed to build himself a good amount of net worth through his work in Oath Keepers.

Stewart Rhodes’ net worth in 2023 is around $1 to $5 million dollars. Furthermore, people also want to know who Stewart Rhodes is. Rhodes was a lawyer by profession but he was disbarred in 2015. He is also Oath Keeper’s founder. He is a prominent figure in the US and is also known as an enthusiastic activist for gun rights and anti-government beliefs.

Stewart Rhodes’ Net Worth

Stewart Rhodes’ net worth Is around $1 million to $5 million US dollars. This is his current net worth in 2023. Furthermore, Stewart is the founder of Oath Keepers, and he has collected this money through his work here. Oath Keepers is an American far-right anti-government militia. Oath Keepers’ leaders notably went against the US government and they were convicted. Stewart Rhodes’ net worth gives us an idea that he has safely made a comfortable spot in the financial field.

Stewart Rhodes was able to collect this amount by working in a lot of different fields and jobs. He founded Oath Keepers in 2009 but he has also worked different jobs as well. Stewart Rhodes also worked as a lawyer. Rhodes might have made a good amount of money through his work as a lawyer as well. The average salary for a lawyer in the United States of America is around $12,336 a month.

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What is Stewart Rhodes Net Worth in 2023?
What is Stewart Rhodes’s Net Worth in 2023?

Who is Stewart Rhodes?

His full name is Elmer Stewart Rhodes III, and he was born in Fresno, California in 1966. His father was a US marine while his mother worked on a farm. Rhodes has described himself as mixed race. He went to high school in Las Vegas and later on, went on to join the US Army. He sustained a spinal injury because of which he was discharged within seven months. Moreover, Rhodes went to Yale Law School to pursue a degree in Law.

Stewart Rhodes worked in many western US states as a lawyer. However, Montana Supreme Court disbarred him as a lawyer in December of 2015. The reason behind this was that he refused to answer two bar accusations filed against him in the federal district court of Arizona. Rhodes violated the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct by not responding to the accusations.

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Was Stewart Rhodes Arrested?

Stewart Rhodes was arrested recently along with nine fellow Oath Keepers members. They all were charged with accusations of planning to overthrow the government. He was also convicted of conspiracy and evidence tampering in relation to the United States Capitol Attack in January 2021. Recently he has been sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment on 25th May of 2023.

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