The Towerborne Release Date Is Set for 2024

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Towerborne, created by Stoic, is releasing this year. Keep reading to find out the release date, trailer, and gameplay. 

When Will Towerborne Be Released?

The game’s announcement trailer shows that Towerborne will be released in 2024. However, the exact release date has yet to be announced. Towerborne’s creators will drop it straight onto Xbox Game Pass.

The Towerborne Release Date Is Set for 2024
The Towerborne Release Date Is Set for 2024

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Towerborne Trailer

Xbox released a trailer on June 11, 2023, revealing the gameplay. The trailer shows residents finding safety in The Belfry, which is now a beacon of hope. Among those citizens, four warriors are on a mission to explore what surrounds the Belfry. This is where you come in. In the game, you will be an Ace, resurrected from the spirit realm with the abilities, grit, and will to keep the Belfry community safe. Along with your spirit companions, you must stand up against the monster lurking around Belfry. 

Check out the trailer here:

What Platforms Will It Release On?

Towerborne is teaming up with Xbox Game Studios for an exclusive release on Xbox and PC. The game will not be available on iOS, Android, the Nintendo Switch, PS4, or PS5. The game can only be played on Xbox and PC because it is still a Microsoft exclusive. For now, these are the only platforms on which it will be available.

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Will Towerborne Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Now that you know where to play the game, here’s how many people can play with you. The action-packed game offers user choices. You can opt for single-player mode or invite your friend circle of three to join you in this adventure.

The Towerborne Release Date Is Set for 2024
The Towerborne Release Date Is Set for 2024

You can customize your Ace with looks, weapons, and gear. Challenge yourself by enhancing your danger level against more powerful creatures. You can opt for powerful weapons and unique styles to fight off what lurks in the shadows. You can choose one of these styles: War Clubs, Gauntlets, Dual Daggers, or Swords & Shields.

With seasonal content and acres to explore, Towerborne will come out soon! We’re eagerly awaiting the official reveal date, and rest assured that we’ll update you as soon as the creators announce it. 

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