The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Will Premiere in August 2024

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The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix Original superhero-comedy-drama series directed by Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater, based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comics of the same name. February 2019 was the premiere of the series, while June 2022 saw the release of the most recent season. A series like Squid Games, 3 Body Problem, and Umbrella Academy is widely regarded as one of the greatest Netflix Original series ever; it has emerged as one of the network’s top superhero shows. The Umbrella Academy is finally preparing to return for its fourth and — sniff! — last season in August, over two years after its third season debuted on Netflix.

When the show was renewed for a fourth season in August 2022, co-creator Steve Blackman expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m so excited that the incredibly loyal fans of The Umbrella Academy will be able to experience the fitting end to the Hargreaves siblings’ journey we began five years ago.” “But before we reach that conclusion, Season 4 has an incredible story that will keep viewers gripping their seats until the end.”

We’ve saved you time on Google by compiling all that information in one convenient location. Blackman and Netflix have released new information about this last set of episodes ever so gently in the months since that renewal was announced.

Specifics of the plot? We retain them. Titles of the episodes? We retain (part of) them. Information on the trio of new characters entering the cast? You guessed it: They’re here. As additional information about the upcoming season becomes available, we’ll add to this list, so bookmark this page and return to see what we’ve learned! In the meantime, scroll down to see what we know.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4
The Umbrella Academy Season 4

When Does Season 4 Of The Umbrella Academy Premiere?

Netflix will release the whole fourth season on Thursday, August 8, 2024.

What’s The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Plot?

In June 2022 (!), at the final episode of the third season of The Umbrella Academy, the universe as we know it was engulfed by a black hole known as a kugelblitz. Before the universe was destroyed, Sir Reginald tried to reprogram the entire thing, but Allison stopped him in his tracks. As a result, the siblings from Umbrella Academy and Sparrow Academy were sent to a world that was only partially built, and they lost their abilities.

Showrunner Steve Blackman stated in an interview with TVLine at the time that if the program returned for Season 4, “there are going to be repercussions… of the incomplete programming of the universe.” (And it is!).

The question, “Why would [Reginald] leave the kids in such a bad place?” was posed to me. Blackman went on. I contend that he believes they may be in a good place when he leaves. After hearing their complaints about their identities and abilities, he is now telling them, “Look, you’re free.” Nothing is preventing you from achieving your goals now that you lack powers. Lead the lives that you have. Whether Hargreeves accomplished something good or terrible for them is up to the spectator to determine.

Umbrella Academy Season 4 Has How Many Episodes?

Blackman disclosed last spring that Season 4 will only consist of six episodes, as opposed to the customary ten of prior seasons, via a picture of the series finale script.

The showrunner has revealed that “The Unbearable Tragedy of Getting What You Want” will be the title of the first episode of the final season thus far, also via Instagram. “End of the Beginning” is the title of the series finale. The four upcoming instalments’ episode titles are still unknown.

In The Umbrella Academy Season 4, Which Cast Members Are Making A Comeback?

The following cast members of Umbrella Academy have confirmed their return for the show’s fourth and final season on Netflix: Tom Hopper (as Luther Hargreeves), David Castañeda (Diego Hargreeves), Elliot Page (as Viktor Hargreeves), Emmy Raver-Lampman (as Allison Hargreeves), Robert Sheehan (as Klaus Hargreeves), Aidan Gallagher (as Number Five), Justin H. Min (as Ben Hargreeves), Ritu Arya (as Lilia Pitts), Justin H. Min (as Ben Hargreeves), and Colm Feore (as Sir Reginald Hargreeves).

Season 4 Of The Umbrella Academy: Who Are the New Joiners in The Cast?

For Season 4, the show has also welcomed three new cast members: David Cross (Arrested Development), Megan Mullally (Will & Grace), and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation).

The official description describes Offerman and Mullally as a married pair of community college professors from New Mexico who wear sensible footwear and suffer from the most extreme case of déjà vu this timeline has ever seen. They will play doctors Gene and Jean Thibedeau.

Meanwhile, Cross is set to portray Sy Grossman, a modest, devout businessman and family man willing to do all it takes to win his daughter back.

Is There A Trailer For Umbrella Academy Season 4?

Netflix has not yet released a significant trailer for The Umbrella Academy’s final episodes, but the sizzle reel above contains a small preview of the show that begins at the 31-second mark. (Aim to keep your eyes closed!)

Where Can I Access The Umbrella Academy Supplements?

Do you want to rewatch The Umbrella Academy before its upcoming final season? The first thirty episodes are available for viewing on Netflix right now, so you have plenty of time to catch them all.

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