Joelen Waldref Cause of Death is hypertensive and heart disease: Medical Examiner

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49-year-old Jolen Waldref passed away on January 15, 2024. After two months, authorities have finally determined Joelen Waldref cause of death. Here’s everything you should know about the case.

What is Joelen Waldref Cause of Death?

Joelen Waldref cause of death was hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office finally reported the cause of death on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

Her last location was found to be at a bus stop near the Milwaukee intersection, where she was found lying down on the ground. During her struggle, she called 911, but her case was pushed as a low-priority case.

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What Happened on T hat Day?

Waldref, at the bus stop, started having difficulty breathing. Her first instinct was to call for help. On January 15, at 5:22 p.m., she called 911. Here’s how the conversion went:

“911. Where is your emergency?”

“I cannot breathe.”

“Can you say that one more time? Caller? Caller? Hello, caller. Can you hear me?”

“I can’t breathe.”

“Okay, I’m going to transfer you over to medical. When they get on the line, I’ll speak first.”

After a while, the 911 operator transferred the call to another operator. In Milwaukee, all medical calls, including Waldref’s, are initially managed by a police 911 operator before being transferred to an operator with the city fire department. The first operator told the second one that Waldref “possibly stated she can’t breathe.”

Joelen Waldref Cause of Death is hypertensive and heart disease: Medical Examine
Joelen Waldref Cause of Death is Hypertensive and Heart Disease: Medical Examine

“Police for medical. Caller’s possibly stated she can’t breathe.”

“Oh my God!” Waldref said.

“What is the address, please?” asked the dispatcher.

“I’m on the corner of 76th and Congress. (Inaudible) for the bus,” Waldref said.

“Tell me what happened,” the dispatcher said.

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Well, what’s the reason you’re calling for medical help?” the dispatcher asked.

“I feel lightheaded and dizzy,” Waldref added.

The medical dispatcher inquired about Waldref’s breathing, heart health, and whether she was experiencing abdominal pain. The authorities redacted Waldref’s responses to protect patient privacy.

During a briefing, Curtis Ambulance President Jim Baker stated, “We received the call originally to respond at 17:23 and 54 seconds. The ambulance arrived at 76th & Congress four minutes later.” 

Twenty-two minutes after the Curtis ambulances departed without locating Waldref, Charlotte Morris, a passerby, discovered her without a pulse. Waldref was pronounced dead at the scene at 6:13 PM.

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How Did 911 Handle the Case?

After her call, the ambulance crew was sent without lights and sirens. A few minutes later, they left the location without stepping out of the vehicle to check on her.

A Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office report dated January 22 referenced a Milwaukee police officer who had observed something. He stated that the surveillance footage depicted Waldref slipping on ice and striking her head against a fence.

The report noted the absence of external trauma on Waldref’s body. It was presumed that she might have lost consciousness due to the fall or extreme cold.

The medical examiner’s office had stated that it was investigating Waldref’s death as a probable case of hypothermia, pending final determination following toxicology tests.

However, the recent, concise report from the medical examiner’s office released on Tuesday omitted any mention of subzero temperatures or hypothermia as contributing factors, instead classifying Joelen Waldref cause of death as “natural.”

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