Is Maze Runner 3 the Last One? How Much Did the Film Earn at the Box Office?

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You cannot predict the future, which is probably why you ask, “is Maze Runner 3 the last one?” The film franchise has always enjoyed a positive response at the box office. In the fans’ hearts, there is still inevitable confusion regarding the probability of the upcoming season. Throughout three parts, Maze Runner has thoroughly impressed, sparking the excitement around another installment.

Is Maze Runner 3 the Last One How Much Did the Film Earn at the Box Office
Is Maze Runner 3 the Last One How Much Did the Film Earn at the Box Office

The show’s creators, however, have previously given hints to the fans, which drove their curiosity to know details about the possibility. The audience wants the fourth installment and is certainly not happy with the question, is Maze Runner 3 the last one? With most movies, there have always been messy parts at the end. But still, Maze Runner 3 never failed to live up to the expectations otherwise. So, can we expect positive news?

Is Maze Runner 3 the Last One Film Of The Franchise?

Are you on the team of fans asking if Maze Runner 3 is the last one? We are sad to say, yes, it is the third and final film of the franchise. Written by T.S. Nowlin and directed by Wes Ball, this 2018 American dystopian science fiction is the last offering. Therefore, people wondering about the franchise’s future and asking if Maze Runner 3 will conclude the story now know it is a fact.

Maze Runner is the sequel to The Scotch Trials, which came out in 2015. To add fuel to the speculations, both the screenwriter and director agree on the show’s uncertain future. When asked if the storyline would conclude with the third part, they confirmed that there were always three movies. The creators wanted to have no intentions of changing the book’s originality. Now that we know the answer to the question, is Maze Runner 3 the last one? It’s important to determine success at the box office level.

How Much Is The Box Office Earnings Of The Film?

Maze Runner 3 alone was the highest-earning movie of the series earning over $348 million at the box office. Wes Ball is the extraordinary director for all three films. But we can vouch that the third part is one of the most popular trilogies of all time. Apart from that, the second movie of the series, The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, was a huge commercial success too. After its release, it earned over $312 million worldwide. The global success of the three movies contributes mainly to the decision of the creators to keep it to three films. Well, you may continue to wonder, “is Maze Runner 3 the last one” because there is more material to explore. There might be no chance of having another sequel, but if so happens, you will be in for more thrill.

What Can Be The Story Of Maze Runner 4?

It’s no crime to guess where the next movie can lead if there is one. If you are an ardent fan who has closely watched the Maze Runner, then you know the deal. Thomas, Frypan, and Newt were the last of the free “Gladers.” They team up with the Right Arm resistance to help the immune children. They realize “Minho,” the last of their Glader friends, are now in captivity. Soon they will be transferred in a different carriage; they go ahead to rescue them.

There they meet the Cranks, the humans affected by the Flare virus. But they will struggle to find them along with Jorge and Brenda, who join them. The story ends with Thomas finding out from Newt that he is infected and can be cured. Thomas and Gally capture Teresa delivering a closure to the movie. As the Maze Runner 3 ends, we see Thomas is still alive and has cure-worthy blood. If we hope there is the next installment, it can lead to Thomas returning to Flare to help stop the spread of the virus. Maybe, Thomas will be the ultimate savior in the next chapter!

Even if you are scratching your heads over, is Maze Runner 3 the last? And praying for the next installment; we don’t think that will happen. Some people, however, have faith that there can be a fourth movie sometime in the future. Are you one of them? Well, we are.

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