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Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death was revealed soon after her shocking death in January. At the end of an era for the iconic Supermodel, Tatjana created a legacy for herself. Her charisma, charm, and alluring presence in the fashion industry did make her one of the greatest during the late ’80s and ’90s. The German model was a heart-throb of many, and her modeling career inspired women and men alike. But with the star’s untimely passing, it is hard for friends, family, and fans to come to terms with the reality. She has been actively participating in humanitarian work that saved many lives.

Her career has been the topic of discussion for years, but currently, fans are trying to find the truth of Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death. What happened to her that led to the demise of the Supermodel? Was she sick, or was it an accident? Her agent shares the truth, and we know you are getting restless to find out everything about it.

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 What Is Tatjana Patitz’s Cause Of Death?

Tatjana Patitz Cause of Death

Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death was metastatic breast cancer, as revealed by her agent Corinne Nicolas. She died at the age of 56 years on 11th January 2023. A notable representative of her family came forward to confirm the news to Vogue. Tatjana left behind her loving 19-year-old son, Jonah Patitz. Her close ones, including her peers from the fashion industry, have shared tribute after learning about the sad news.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford was heartbroken when Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death was revealed, and a beautiful tribute to her was penned. Her son is trying to cope-up with the grief, and everyone is trying their best to stand with him through this arduous journey.

Tatjana Patitz Career

Born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1966, she was the loving daughter of a German father and an Estonian mother. Her beauty soon became a massive deal after she came third in a prestigious Elite Modeling Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. However, the enormous success of her career came in the late 1980s after the famous German photographer Peter Lindbergh spotted her. She met the right person at the right time, which became the turning point in her modeling career.

She became a global beauty with the now-famous Vogue photoshoot by Lindbergh. Yes, we are talking about the shot with rising models in white t-shirts posing in the gorgeous backdrop of Santa Monica beach. This photo created history in the fashion world and is still regarded as iconic. She was always in the tabloids, so even today, the fans want to know about Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death.

How Tatjana Patitz Became Supermodel?

Tatjana became a supermodel in the true sense with her January 1990 British Vogue cover shoot. She and other supermodels, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista, created a worldwide buzz with this shot. This earned her supermodel status, but she experienced a new level of fame with George Michale’s famed “Freedom! 90” music video. He cast all the Vogue cover girls and created a music video unlike any. This video was famous for featuring the 90s supermodels and was the epitome of beauty for all the viewers.

Patitz kept growing her career and worked with high-profile campaigns all her life. She was on the covers of over 130 magazines. Even Anna Wintour of Vogue paid homage to Patitz soon after Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death was out amongst the public. She claimed that Patitz was a European symbol of chic. Amidst all the competition in the industry, she made her way to the top only with her beauty and talent.

Tatjana Patitz Loved Animals And Outdoors

The runway star was a massive advocate of animals. Ever since her teenage days, she has been into competitive horse riding. And even before her death, she continued to support the causes for animals. Patitz took on the role of the American Wild Horse Sanctuary ambassador after being an active member of the fashion industry for over three decades. Moreover, she loved all the animals and had two dogs, Matilda and Gatsby. As soon as Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death made the headlines, the Peter Lindbergh Foundation shared more about her noble works and how she impacted millions of lives.

Her time on earth may have been this short, but the history she made cannot be erased. Tatjana Patitz’s cause of death is heavy on her entire fandom and family. But we know that she will be residing in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, Supermodel!

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