Why Netflix Cancelled Dead End Paranormal Park season 3?

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There is no exact reason why Netflix cancelled Dead End Paranormal Park season 3. All we know as per social media is that the “powers” don’t want the show to be aired anymore. Hence, sadly, Dead End Paranormal Park season 3 won’t appear on screens. Hamish Steel announced this through Twitter. After the screening of the superb two seasons, fans were anxiously waiting for Dead End Paranormal Park season 3 to drop. The creator, via Twitter, said that he wants the character’s “proper ending they deserve,” which somehow “is not possible” due to cancellation. The two seasons were successful because of the LGBTQ+ representation through characters and this could be one of the reasons of the cancellation of season 3.

Why Netflix Cancelled Dead End Paranormal Park season 3
Why Netflix Cancelled Dead End Paranormal Park season 3

Production and Starring of Dead-End Paranormal Park:

The first two seasons of this series were released in 2022. Season 1 of Dead-End Paranormal Park was released in June 2022, following the second season’s release in October 2022. Jen Coatsworth produced dead End with co-producers James Stevenson and Tom Stuart. Liz Whitaker directed this amazing, animated horror show. Kody Kavitha, Alex Brightman and Zach Barack were the voices in the series.

Dead End Paranormal Park Storyline:

Dead End Paranormal Park is an animated series. The story is based on Dead Endia, Hamish’s graphic novel. It has a queer cast including a Trans character as the main lead. The show is about a haunted theme park where the characters fought against the evil forces in order to avert supernatural apocalypse in the Phoenix Parks. It has the elements of sexual discoveries. The show has an inclusive storyline which benefits the queer people. Barney and Norma in the self-discovered themselves when they were fighting against all odds. The presentation highlighted race, gender, sexuality and mental health awareness. It was rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes yet its season 3 didn’t make it on screens.

Dead End Paranormal Park Seasons 3 cancellation News:

The creator took charge of his social media accounts and poured his heart out. He exclaimed sadness regarding the updated news of Dead-End Paranormal Park season 3. He wrote that he wanted to do something good with the season, but it does not seem possible now. Steele said that season 3 was all in swing to be in its final steps. He typed: “We did a writer’s room for Season 3. We have scripts, designs, and outlines ready to go” But sadly, he had to stop it all and cancel the show.

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Dead Endia Book series:

Steele is saddened, but his hopes are still high. He shared that he will complete the book to give the final ending to the characters of Dead-End Paranormal Park. The third book of the series will be released any time soon. He is working hard on it. He pledged to pen down the third book “with the same heart as Dead End.”

Kudos to Netflix and its Fans:

The creator thanked and showed gratitude to Netflix for airing his show on their platform. He felt lucky that his team was able to make it to Netflix. He said: “We made history together, and I couldn’t be prouder of those twenty episodes and every single crew member.” Steele also acknowledged the fans who expressed their love for Dead End Paranormal Park through tik toks, fan fiction and art. However, he is still determining when. Toward the End of his tweet, he wrote that he hoped his piece of art would shine for his fans in the times of darkness and sadness. 

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