Geno Smith Contract Breakdown: Could His Next Contract Be for Top-10 QB Money?

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NFL analysts couldn’t come to terms with the Seahawks’ decision to resign the veteran quarterback and booking for a new Geno Smith contract during the NFL 2022 offseason. The team decided to bring Geno to compete against Drew Lock. If you are an NFL fan, you already know that Smith has been a part of the Seahawks since 2019. However, he never got the chance to be a full-time starting quarterback after the first NFL season with the Jets. His reputation as a valuable NFL player was declining, and he even lost his starting job in New York. Geno slowly became a career backup.

Geno Smith Contract Breakdown Could His Next Contract Be for Top-10 QB Money
Geno Smith Contract Breakdown Could His Next Contract Be for Top-10 QB Money

However, the real change happened when Seattle saw his true potential and invested in Geno Smith’s contract. Without flinching, we can say that this investment was worth every dime. Smith rose as one of the season’s unpredictable and biggest NFL surprises. Geno showed off his skills at the Pro Bowl level and took the Seahawks to the Week 18 playoff berth. Interestingly, many NFL lovers believed that the Seahawks would likely remain in the bottom feeder, but Geno brought the change.

What started as a short-term deal for Seahawk is now quite like the bargain one can expect. The amount they had spent on acquiring Geno indeed paid off; it got back more than the team expected. Since the season’s end is nearing, Geno is unlocking some significant milestones. These milestones will earn him a lucrative amount since Geno Smith’s contract was incentive-based. Thus, we are giving a complete breakdown to provide detailed insights.

Geno Smith Contract Breakdown

Geno Smith contract is for one year, with the Seahawks having a base value of $3.5 million. The NFL player signed as a free agent at the beginning of the 2022 NFL offseason but returned to Seahawks. He got paid more than $1.2 million compared to the 2021 season. To make the deal more profitable, he has some incentives in line. In addition to the base value, the incentives can make up to $6 million for the season’s star. However, it is still a bargain for the Seahawks since $6 million is like paying nothing for a seasoned NFL player.

Geno Smith Contract Incentives

The NFL player bagged around a $1 million bonus in Geno Smith’s contract after Seattle’s big win against the Jets in Week 17. After making a 183 yards throw, he became eligible to get Seahawks’ yardage bonus for 2022. He successfully booked three-quarters of the earnings. The incentive system’s structure helped him earn $250,000 for 3,400 passing yards. Besides, he will be paid an extra $500,000 for hitting that 3,700 yards. With the final 4,000 mark, he will now get a $1 million bonus. Moreover, Geno also won a $500,000 Pro Bowl bonus, and 20-plus touchdown passes. Geno Smith’s contract also hints that the player will receive a total of $1.105 million as per-game active roster bonuses and a $585,000 Week 1 bonus as well. 

If he had scored more than 85% of the team’s offensive snaps, then another $1 million in his earnings. If things go right, he can earn another $1 million bonus, double that with ten wins. Chances are that this can turn into reality with a few other victories.

To date, the player has made $4.19 million just in incentives. But it might increase in the future, so we have to wait for the other games. One thing to note is that this incentive system differs from Deshaun Watson’s contract.

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What Are The Chances Of The Seahawks Playoff?

Since Geno Smith is hoping to have his final incentive, what are the probabilities that the Seahawks will win? According to FiveThirtyEight, the Seahawks have a 21% chance of making it to the playoffs. Firstly, the team must triumph over the Rams, but a lot also depends on the Lions. The Lions team must win or tie with the Packers in Week 18. So, there are multiple different layers to make that big earning.

Geno Smith’s contract breakdown clarifies all his ways to earn the extra amount. But the battle for winning that $1 million incentive is on. And if luck favors the Seahawks, this may become one of the best seasons for the team!

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