Lin Brehmer’s Cause of Death: 93XRT Chicago Radio Host Dies at 68

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Chicago radio personality Lin Brehmer’s cause of death has brought grief to the community. The radio legend may have left the world, but his three-decade-long career will always be remembered. Lin Brehmer’s cause of death is surprising since it is hard to imagine that a man so happy and cheerful could hide his pain so seamlessly from his audiences. He always ended his show with the saying, “Take nothing for granted,” making him a household name. 

Lin Brehmer Cause of Death 93XRT Chicago Radio Host Dies at 68
Lin Brehmer Cause of Death 93XRT Chicago Radio Host Dies at 68

Lin knew to live his life on his terms. His impeccable sense of humor and wit attracted such a huge fanbase. But he could have never thought that Lin Brehmer’s cause of death could impact the lives of so many people. All his listeners became emotional after the death news was broken to the fans. 

Since then, the interest in knowing about Lin Brehmer’s cause of death has increased. He lived a life of glory and always spread happiness. It is said that the host died peacefully, but his cause of death is still a big question. Let us find out more about the news.

What Is Lin Brehmer’s Cause of Death?

Lin Brehmer’s cause of death due to his long battle with prostate cancer. He died at 68 on 22nd January 2023 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Terri Hemmert, the fellow host, announced the news through a Facebook post in the morning. He stated that the host had his wife and son by his side at his death. The famous 93XRT host did go on a break last July to receive chemotherapy treatments for his prostate cancer. He had tried his best to overcome all the difficult times and make it through the end. But sadly, Lin Brehmer’s cause of death was so severe that it was hard to fight back.

Lin couldn’t stay long apart from the world of radio since it has been there throughout his life. His comeback was in November, but no one knew that Lin Brehmer’s cause of death would become a piece of news in the future. After Lin’s death, Hemmert said that the station would host a block to honor Brehmer’s legacy starting on Monday at 10 a.m., precisely when Brehmer’s show started. This will be the radio’s way to pay the late host an honorable tribute since he had spent most of his life here. Everyone is eagerly waiting to follow the radio program and hear him for one last time.

Moreover, after Lin Brehmer’s cause of death was revealed, fans also discovered that he won many prestigious titles, such as the Music Director of the Decade in 1989 and Music Director of the Year.

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Who Was Lin Brehmer?

There is more to the late radio host than Lin Brehmer’s cause of death. Brehmer had been a disc jockey and radio personality for over three decades at WXRT in Chicago. He was a student at Colgate University, and luckily, he first got the chance to be a part of the industry after he filled up for the school’s student-run WRCU-FM radio station back during his summer semester. After earning his degree in 1976, he began his radio career in January 1977.

While fans were searching for his cause of death, they learned Lin’s first job was at WQBK-FM in Albany, New York. He quickly got the nickname The Reverend of Rock and Roll. But after seven years, he chose to quit before joining WXRT as music director in October 1984. He played the role for six years. Later, he moved to Minnesota to start his work for KTCZ-FM as a program director. In just one year, his deal ended, and he took the spot of Terri to host Chicago’s WXRT. 

His cause of death may have created headlines but Lin being the first non-Cleveland DJ to have the chance of live broadcasting from the Rock and Roll Hall of fame’s stadium was a highly prestigious achievement. He had also remotely broadcasted the opening day of the Chicago Cubs at WXRT for almost 20 years.

The career and legacy that Lin left behind will be in the pages of history. Life is all about ups and downs. So, our prayers are with Lin’s family.

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