Who Was Waffler69? Waffler69 Net Worth and Real Name At The Time Of His Death

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Ever since the death of the TikTok star has become the news of the hour, Waffler69’s net worth is getting all the public attention. Fans woke up to the sad news of the death of a famous TikTok personality, Waffler69. He suddenly died this week, and his brother Clayton was the one to break this news. Over the years, Waffler69 has impressed his fanbase and entertained them with his unique food content. Though the foods he used to try were not something that any individual would want to consume, Waffler69 gave his fans a realistic idea of how it feels to taste weird food combinations. His enthusiastic reactions made the fans genuinely happy whenever they watched his videos. The journey has now come to an end.

Who Was Waffler69 Waffler69 Net Worth and Real Name At The Time Of His Death
Who Was Waffler69 Waffler69 Net Worth and Real Name At The Time Of His Death

Soon after his brother made the public announcement, fans rushed to search for Waffler69’s net worth. But why so? What is the reason that is driving fans to find more details about his fortune? We have the details you need to know!

Waffler69 Net Worth & Earnings At the Time Of His Death

Waffler69’s net worth was around $1 million approximately when he died on 11th January 2023 at 10 p.m. The TikTok star was only 33 years old and dedicatedly created videos to make his fans happy. He earned a massive amount every month since he built different income sources over the period. Sources claim that the TikTok star earned between $100,000 and $250,000 from his videos. The stats were provided after analyzing the views the videos used gained. These aren’t accurate numbers, but the earnings were somewhere close to that, considering his popularity. He was prominent in all the leading social media platforms, such as TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, and more. However, the numbers can be slightly different depending on the videos and performances of the same.

What Was Waffler69’s Real Name?

Waffler69’s real name was Taylor Claydorm. He is famous for his social media name Waffler69, but some even call him Wafffler69.

Who Was Waffler69?

Waffler69’s net worth has drawn the fans to find his life history. The TikTok personality has created dominance in social media through his bizarre eating habits. He had 1.7 million followers who helped the star secure an impressive Waffler69 net worth. Moreover, if you see the number of views combining all his videos, it is 32 million. Taylor was active in TikTok and did Twitch live and uploaded on Instagram.

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His popularity mainly came from his nostalgic eating and strange food combinations. The late star used to consume fast food daily. Fans always waited to see what new and unusual combination he would try. He didn’t fear trying expired food. Taylor ate a Tim Burton Batman movie’s licensed cereal released in 1989. This is only one of the many tries. He also had the Addams Family promotional cereal removed back in 1991 for his TikTok. It was risky, but he dared to eat it.

Sadly, his last video was uploaded only a few hours before passing. He uploaded it to TikTok, and fans saw him eating a big fruit loop dipped in milk. The video now has 1 million views, and the numbers are increasing.

How Did Waffler69 Die?

Apart from Waffler69’s net worth, fans are also interested to learn about Waffler69’s cause of death. Taylor’s brother Clayton uploaded a TikTok video detailing his brother’s date. He explained that Taylor was not feeling great and there was a sense of discomfort. He called his mother but couldn’t wait for her arrival cause things turned out to be worse. Taylor went ahead and called an ambulance for himself. He was admitted to the nearest hospital to his home in Louisiana, but sadly, he passed away.

Clayton also explained that heart problems are in their genes, and Taylor’s father and grandfather experienced the same fate.

We may have lost a great content creator but let us remember him for all the outstanding achievements he had in life. Waffler69’s net worth may have expanded in the past few years, but he is no longer among us to enjoy the earnings of his hard work. Our condolences are with his family, and we pray for Taylor’s soul to rest in peace.

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