Baby Reindeer Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot: Everything We Know So Far

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Sensitive subjects like obsession and stalking are very real in the 21st century, and Baby Reindeer Season 1 is going to shed light on this vital matter. Hollywood does deal with a number of fictitious plots, but this story isn’t one of them. No one can deny the statistics that reflect how much of a threat stalking can be. Bringing forward the disturbing realities of incidents that can happen in someone’s life, Season 1 focuses on the story of a woman who is obsessed with the character Richard Gadd. As a matter of fact, this is a real-life story based on true events.

To brief a little about Baby Reindeer Season 1, the incidents follow after two people meet, Martha and Richard. Following that, Martha sent over 300 hours of voicemail to Gadd. But the question that keeps bothering everyone is how did they meet in the first place? And what was so special about Gadd that Martha chose him? Well, hoping to know details about their story, here is everything about Season 1.

Baby Reindeer Season 1 Release Date

The official release date of Baby Reindeer Season 1 is not yet announced. But if the filming ends in time and the production goes smoothly, it may air in 2023. It is rumored that  Season 1 of Baby Reindeer will have eight episodes. Each of these episodes will be 30 minutes long. Hopefully, the series will be available for all Netflix customers to watch from anywhere. However, there are certain speculations that it might be premium subscribers-only content. In that case, the series might be available on some other OTT platform. We are only waiting for confirmation about how the season will go.


Baby Reindeer Season 1 Plot

We have often seen stories where men are usually a stalker. But in Season 1, we will see the real-life story where a female stalker named Martha makes the life of Richard Gadd a living hell. The story will first show how the two got to know each other and then met in person. This led Martha to come up with the idea of stalking Richard for the rest of his life as long as she wanted to continue with the same. Season 1 of Baby Reindeer will show the emotional and mental toll the entire stalking process will take on Richard.

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Martha took stalking Richard more like her full-time care. Further, walking through the different episodes, the viewers will learn if Martha has any mental illness. Besides, the stories will slowly unveil the content of the other voicemails, emails, and texts she has sent to Richard over the years.

There is no denying that Season 1 will soon become dark. So, it is better to watch the show at your discretion since the topic is alarming and might not be suitable for a certain audience.

Baby Reindeer Cast

Season 1 of Baby Reindeer has honorable TV stars who have been highly acclaimed for their previous works. Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning will play the lead roles. Gadd is the victim, and the latter will be the stalker, Martha. Besides, Gadd is famous for his works on Breaking Gadd, Monkey Do, Gardot, and Monkey See. At the same time, Gunning shined with her performance in series like In The Dark and Diane Pemberly in The Outlaws. The additional list of cast members for the first season is not out. But as the show comes close to its release date, we will get more updates.

Is There A Trailer?

No, the trailer for the first season of Baby Reindeer is unavailable, and there is no information on when it might come out. Hopefully, there might be certain updates about the same soon.

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Baby Reindeer Season 1 will show how life feels when there is someone constantly stalking you. It might go deep into the subject early in the series. But fans are hoping to get the show soon enough to have all the answers to their queries!

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