National Treasure Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

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What does the future hold for a potential National Treasure season 2? Today marked the conclusion of the first season of National Treasure: Edge of History. Now the fate of this series entirely depends on Disney+. They have a significant opportunity to continue airing this show. However, whether or not they take advantage of this opportunity is an altogether different story. Continue reading this article to find out whether there will be a National Treasure season 2. 

Will National Treasure Season 2 Happen?

Although the first season of National Treasure wrapped just a few days ago, viewers are already asking for information regarding National Treasure season 2. As of right now, Disney+ has yet to disclose whether or not they will be renewing National Treasure for a second season. Nor have they made any public statements regarding whether or not they will cancel the action TV series. The first season has successfully whetted the audience’s appetite for more. At the same time, the climactic episode of the season concluded with the conclusion of the first treasure hunt. On the other hand, as per the ending of season 1, there is still room for the plot to continue.

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On the other hand, Disney+ might have a lower budget in the next few years. Hence, if the series “National Treasure: Edge of History” fails to garner an impressive viewership, it will most likely not get a second season. Despite this, given the popularity of the original film franchise, it is highly likely that the series will be renewed for at least one more season. Disney has not disclosed any exact viewership numbers; nonetheless, the series has made it to the top of the trending lists on multiple occasions. So now all we can do is wait till Disney+ officially announces the renewal status of National Treasure season 2. 

National Treasure Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled
National Treasure Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled

What is The Release Date of National Treasure Season 2?

Disney has yet to state definitively whether or not they will renew ‘National Treasure for a second season. There currently needs to be a formal release date set.

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