Trugoy the Dove Cause of Death: Everything You Must Know!

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The hip-hop industry is at a loss, and now, Trugoy, the Dove cause of death, is all the fans can think about now. Trugoy the Dove, whose real name is David Jude Jolicouer, is a popular American rapper who also went by the name Dave. Ever since Trugoy the Dove cause of death caught the attention of the fans, the music community has joined in remembering his legacy. He was one of the significant members and founder of the famous band De La Soul. David Jude Jolicoeur cause of death might not be that shocking since the rapper has shared his health issues with the fans.

But the rapper was always conscious about his health since he already had an idea about his condition. So, fans are eager to know all about Trugoy the Dove’s cause of death. Moreover, the hip hop fans were sad after the news was out. Along with that, the queries about Trugoy the Dove cause of death are still continuing. So, what happened to the hip-hop star, and what was Trugoy the Dove cause of death? Let’s unpack all the details right here.

What Was Trugoy the Dove Cause Of Death?

Trugoy the Dove cause of death on 12th February, has not been officially announced. TMZ stated the rapper’s death was of ‘natural causes’ and ‘undisclosed illness’. David’s team and the authorities are still awaiting results to drop the official statement. He was only 54 years old at the time of his death. AllHipHop was the next to confirm the news after the representative broke the news but didn’t highlight much about Trugoy the Dove cause of death. Though further details were not out, representatives said that the rapper died at an unnamed hospital in Maryland.

What Was Trugoy the Dove Cause Of Death?
What Was Trugoy the Dove Cause Of Death?

Not knowing Trugoy the Dove’s cause of death is quite hurtful for his fans as they are yet to get any clarity on the situation. It is mainly because Trugoy has shared his health updates with fans since 2018. Fans are guessing Trugoy the Dove cause of death may be congestive heart failure. Well, no one confirmed it, but back in 2018, the rapper uploaded a video on Instagram talking about the disease that made his life difficult.

Dave wore a LifeVest defibrillator machine to maintain the best of his health. In May 2020, he was hospitalized for the same heart condition. However, in the same month, he came to Instagram Live with the group and was looking fine. The disease did prevent him from continuing with tours and performing for his fans.

Hence, fans are wondering if he had any other disease that became Trugoy the Dove’s death cause. In the recent Grammy Awards ceremony, De la Soul took the stage to give tribute to hip hop. But David was missing and the other members of the band performed. Thus, the speculations of Trugoy the Dove cause of death intensified since fans think he might have been sick for quite some time now.

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Trugoy the Dove Was One Of The Most Talented Artists

Hip-hop pioneers and artists, including icon Busta Rhymes, have been paying tribute to David. David Jude Jolicoeur was born on 21st September 1968, in New York, United States. He got famous as an American producer and rapper. Steely Dan, Johnny Cash, and Hall & Oates were a few of the many artists who inspired him to follow his passion for music. He, along with Jude and Maseo, formed De La Soul, which became one of the most talented hip-hop groups. The number of people searching for Trugoy the Dove cause of death, proves how popular he was.

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The trio actually met each other in their high school in Amityville, Long Island. The group dropped as many as eight albums, and 3 Feet High and Rising was some of their best works. Fans loved Trugoy’s flair and rap style, which had quite the flow. Many fans who are searching for Trugoy the Dove’s cause of death, got to know him from the Gorillaz song Feel Good Inc. which was a massive hit.

Trugoy the Dove Was One Of The Most Talented Artists
Trugoy the Dove Was One Of The Most Talented Artists

He was also a part of the Spitkicker collective. Above all, his messy and uneven dreadlocks were a huge part of his identity. So, it was obvious that Trugoy the Dove cause of death, was surely going to be in the mainstream media news. Since he was a private person, there is no information about his wife, love life, and children.

Well, there is much time left before we get the exact details of Trugoy the Dove’s cause of death. Until then, our condolences and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

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