What Is The Real Cause of Edward VI Death? The Last Illness of King:

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Cause of Edward VI Death: The actual cause of Edward VI’s death was chronic cough which escalated to shortness of breath. The son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, Edward, was a miracle baby. Henry VIII became the father of a son after 20 long years. He was waiting impatiently to be able to see his heir, who could lead England further. Edward VI became the King at 9 when his father passed away. He ruled the land for six years.

What is the Real Cause of Edward VI Death The last illness of King
What is the Real Cause of Edward VI Death The last illness of King

Cause of Edward VI Death:

The physician did a post-mortem and found two large ‘putrefied ulcers’ in his lungs. Edward died of consumption, most probably tuberculosis. This can be true because Edward was in contact with his grandfather Henry VII, his uncle Prince Arthur and his half-brother Duke of Richmond.

It is also said that his previous illness had affected his immunity and troubled his health condition. Other historians say there are more chances that the last illness was pneumonia which, when not treated, led to lung disease. It later resulted in septicemia and kidney failure.

So, like this, King Edward VI died at the fragile age of 15, leaving his kingdom without an heir to lead.

Edward VI Health:

Edward VI’s health was a top priority to his father, Henry VIII. He took every possible measure to ensure his son’s health was in the best condition. It was made sure that Edward was never in contact with anyone ill. To preserve a healthy lifestyle, the cooks prepared his food very carefully. The household had to scrub the floors twice a day and remove dirty dishes immediately.

Edward got a fever at the age of 4 but was better after some time. After that episode, he was in perfect health until April 1552. At the start of 1552, Edward got into critical illness with rashes and measles. It was a threat to the palace; everyone was so worried for their heir. But gratefully, after some months, Edward was excellent by the middle of the year and fully recovered.

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Last Illness of King Edward VI: 

The last illness of King was tragic. In January, he became weak and got a fever. The sickness started with a severe cough following shortness of breath. The persistent cough resulted in greenish-yellow and blood-stained sputum. He could only lay on his back as his legs were swollen. In seven months, Edward died in July 1533. It was a significant loss for the whole kingdom, as Edward had a will of steel to match.

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