What Is Jason Kelce Net Worth in 2023?

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With more than a decade-long career in the NFL, Jason Kelce net worth is well over a few million. The Philadelphia Eagles center player has an active American football career. 

Ever since the Eagles drafted him in the sixth round in 2011, Jason has been playing for the team. He did play for other famous teams, but his association with the Eagles is the most talked about. The American footballer had five Pro Bowl appearances and was also part of the winning Eagles team during Super Bowl LII. Jason’s career graph has proven his success, and his skills still amaze the fans. So, the fortune he amassed to build the Jason Kelce net worth has mostly come from his sports involvements and is completely justified.

What Is Jason Kelce Net Worth In 2023?

Jason Kelce net worth is a whopping $37.5 million in 2023. His earnings consist of football salary and endorsement deals. Jason Kelce’s net worth makes him one of the NFL’s highest-paid centers. His latest NFL contracts have increased the overall fortune of the footballer.

What Is Jason Kelce Net Worth in 2023
What Is Jason Kelce Net Worth in 2023

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Jason Kelce’s Salary

Jason draws a lucrative salary each season, which makes up a huge chunk of his net worth. The footballer signed a $14 million contract in 2022 with the Eagles. As per the 2022 contract, Jason will get a base salary of $1,120,0000 and an additional signing bonus of $10,130,000. Besides, the contract of 2021 to 2022 guaranteed earnings of $9 million in average salary.

Moreover, Jason Kelce net worth expanded with his initial 11 years contract with the Eagles. He made over $80 million in all of those years. His average income between 2018 and 2021 was $12,250,000, Jason’s biggest contract ever. 

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Jason has definitely come a long way, as his base salary during his rookie year was just $375,000, plus a signing bonus of $97,432. So, his current salary is a massive hike compared to his early days. 

Jason Kelce Endorsements

Jason is an influential figure and enjoys celebrity status. He had many endorsements with top brands, adding to the lucrative Jason Kelce net worth. The NFL player endorsed Old Spice and 6 Shooter Energy Shots briefly.

Jason Kelce Houses And Cars

Jason Kelce has used his net worth to invest in luxurious property and cars. He bought a $680,000 home in Haverford, Pennsylvania, in 2018. It is a four-bedroom property with a swimming pool, garage, and a beautiful garden. Apart from his real estate investments, he owns premium cars, including a 1987 Chevrolet C10.

More About Jason Kelce’s Early Life And Career

Born on 5th November 1987 in Greenville, North Carolina, Jason Kelce always dreamt of being a footballer. His father was a sales representative in a steel business, and his mother, Donna was in the banking sector. The future footballer grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and began his football training sessions at an early age. He played football at Cleveland Heights High School, and his talent got noticed. Soon he secured a position as a leading player on the football team. During his college years, his journey to becoming a millionaire began, and he got selected for the Cincinnati Bearcats football.

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Jason’s excellent records paved the way for his professional football career. The Philadelphia Eagles selected him in the sixth round and the rest in history. He has helped his team win several matches and gradually became a reliable player for the Eagles.

Today Jason Kelce net worth is higher than many NFL players. The professional footballer and Philadelphia Eagles have maintained their relationship for years. He has yet to retire, but Jason Kelce’s net worth will likely stay the same even if he chooses to take a break from his career.

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