Why Netflix Cancelled Arrested Development Season 6?

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Arrested Development season 6 wasn’t the first time the show got canceled. The show has been a hit among Netflix audiences, but it did have a tumultuous run. Though fans are now wondering why Arrested Development season 6 didn’t get a renewal, many OG fans are still trying to figure out why Fox canceled the show in the first place. Fans got to see the crazy and hilarious antics of the Bluth family, which was once wealthy. The story mainly revolved around Jason Bateman’s character Michael Bluth. It was one crazy ride, and the loyal fans knew how amazing the show was.

The show had broken the set sitcom rules with its creative take. The serialization of episodes and different narrative approaches, such as voice-over narration, handheld camera footage, and epic storylines. This did make the fans question the Arrested Development season 6 cancellation. It was on the list of Time Magazine’s Top 100 sitcoms. So, will so much critical acclaim and popularity, what led to the cancellation of Arrested Development season 6?

Why Did Netflix Cancel Arrested Development Season 6?

Netflix canceled Arrested Development season 6 as season 5 didn’t meet its expectations and lost its natural course. Interestingly, it was Netflix that picked up the show for its fourth season. As the show’s popularity kept growing after Fox’s initial cancellation, Netflix revived the excitement. Many claimed that the show was ahead of its time, which is more relatable for today’s audience. It was more of a modern comedy show. Before canceling Arrested Development season 6, season 4, which dropped in May 2013, did have an epic start. The series got three Emmy nominations. It was definitely what the fans thought the sitcom would be.

However, season 5 did not enjoy popularity, especially for its weird ending. After a disappointing performance, Netflix never updated plans for Arrested Development season 6. Ultimately, it became too much for the audience to take the Bluth family. Netflix didn’t give any reason for the cancellation of Arrested Development season 6, but we know the ratings affected the decision.

The OTT giant is very particular about what it wants the audience to see on its platform. It is notorious for canceling the most popular shows. So, the cancellation of Arrested Development season 6 was not that big of a surprise for the fans.

Why Netflix Cancelled Arrested Development Season 6?
Why Netflix Cancelled Arrested Development Season 6?

Why Did Fox Cancel Arrested Development?

Before Arrested Development season 6 was canceled, Fox was the first to take this decision. Arrested Development did not enjoy excellent ratings at that time, but it was a well-scripted show. Audiences back then weren’t ready to accept such an advanced show. It mainly went unnoticed during the original run. With every season, the viewership kept dropping. The show kept shifting to different time slots to make it more accessible to the audience. But the lack of interest kept growing.

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Moreover, Fox needed to implement the right advertising tools to increase the show’s popularity. So, after season 3, Arrested Development didn’t get a renewal. The last four episodes kept airing during the time of the winter Olympics. Thus, after sudden cancellations, the show was brought back to life only to face revocation again in Arrested Development season 6.

Will Arrested Development Season 6 Ever Happen?

It is unlikely that Arrested Development season 6 will ever happen. Despite its initial fame and critical acclaim, the show had a tough run. David Cross, who played Tobias Fünke, once clarified that Arrested Development season 6 would not make its way. There has been a phase of cancellation and rebirth, and fans are glad they at least got to see more of the series. The cast members are trendy in their careers and doing great career-wise.

Though the possibility of getting Arrested Development season 6 is the slightest, fans are not ruling out any possibilities. We might see a new revival of the show in the future. Netflix loves to give fans surprises, and a new season of Arrested will never hurt. What are your thoughts about it?

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