Pikmin 4 Release Date – Rolling over the Gaming Screens on 21st July, 2023

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One of the Nintendo developments, Pikmin 4, initially announced in 2015, has gotten a bit late, and the rumours are that the game won’t be released anytime soon. The scarcity of news about the Pikmin 4 release date or signalling of any progression has made everyone believe in this rumour.

Nevertheless, it’s also unbelievable as we can’t even think of Nintendo betraying us after initially announcing the release and making the game live for pre-order. So, let’s delve deeper to analyze the available details of the Pikmin 4 game and find out when it will be available and what’s causing the delay. 

When will Pikmin 4 officially release? 

Nintendo Switch developers have announced a release date in February, saying Pikmin 4 will roll over the gaming screens on 21st July, 2023, officially. Yet, the silence on the progression since then is controversial. It has mainly raised speculations if the game will even release, provoking anxiety among the players awaiting the new Pikmin title this summer. However, sadly, it is presently confirmed that the game will only release on Nintendo Switch Console. 

What has caused the delay in Pikmin 4 release?

With the caused rumours, the reasons for this delay have also been speculated by several Pikmin lovers. 

It can probably be due to the Switch lineup projects, like Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda, scheduled to release in May 2023. Another possible reason can be that the Nintendo developers and launchers aren’t releasing any news about Pikmin 4 to ensure the game is up to the mark before they make any promises. 

Pikmin 4 Release Date: When Will It Be Available?
Pikmin 4 Release Date: When Will It Be Available?

Pikmin 4 Release: Rumors and Speculations 

Besides these rumours and speculations, some hints signal that Pikmin 4 will release by 2023. In one of the recent interviews, Switch developers have assured that the game is, in fact, about to complete. Moreover, Martinet’s interview, a Mario voiceover, one of the game characters, offers a blueprint for the game’s progression. It also shows that this sequel will involve a voiceover for the first time in Pikmin installation history. 

Pikmin 4 Trailer: A news we all are waiting for 

Pikmin 4 fans eagerly await the new trailer release to get an insight into what’s up in the game. However, note that the developers have released two trailers, but it also feels like a decade when we get announcement news about the game. 

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Although the initially released announcement trailers of Pikmin 4 didn’t reveal anything specific about the game, Pikmin lovers were excited to get a glimpse of their favourite game at least. However, the second trailer provided important details about the game’s advanced features, graphics, and other essentials, proving that the game will be a blockbuster. 

Pikmin 4: Available for Pre-Orders 

Among all the rumours, this news is a ray of hope for the players waiting for a long time for the game’s release. The plus point is it only costs $60, and you can get one conveniently from the Nintendo e-shop. For good measure, the players can also avail of discounts with Switch vouchers. 

Yet, despite this, we still have to wait for the official Pikmin 4 announcement to confirm the news.

Until then, believing 21st July is an official release date, we can pass the time by playing previous popular installations in the Pikmin series. Undeniably, all Pikmin titles are worth our time. 

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