Jim Brown Cause of Death: How Did Legendary Cleveland RB die?

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In an unfortunate turn of events, Jim Brown passed away at 87. Jim Brown was a legendary football player. He played for the football team Cleveland Browns as a running back before he retired. The sports and entertainment worlds are mourning the loss of the legendary RB Jim Brown. Furthermore, people want to know Jim Brown cause of death ever since the news came out.

Jim Brown’s wife, Monique Brown, released the news about his death through a post on social media. Monique wrote that her husband passed peacefully in his home in Los Angeles. Moreover, the news shocked many as he was well known not only as a football player but also as an actor and activist.

Jim Brown Cause of Death

Ever since the news of his passing was released, people have only wanted to know one thing: Jim Brown cause of death. According to many reports, Jim Brown cause of death was because of natural causes. The legendary football star passed away peacefully in the comfort of his own house located in Los Angeles. His loved ones surrounded him in his last moments. 

Jim Brown’s NFL Career

The legendary football player became part of the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 1957 NFL draft. He played nine seasons in the National Football League. Moreover, in all nine seasons, Jim only played for the Cleveland Browns. In the nine seasons that he played in NFL, he had perfect scores which included:

  • 2,359 carries for a total of 12,312 yards,
  • 262 catches for a total of 2,499 yards,
  • 126 touchdowns.
Jim Brown Cause of Death: How Did Legendary Cleveland RB die?
Jim Brown Cause of Death: How Did Legendary Cleveland RB die?

Moreover, his accomplishments do not end here; he got selected to play for nine Pro Bowls. During this time, he bagged three MVP awards and won one championship. Brown retired in July of 1966 at 30, even though he was still in top form. This was after he won his third league MVP award in 1965. Jim Brown  made his way into the Hall of Fame in 1971. Jim had a very impactful life on and off the field, for which he will always be remembered as an inspiration for many.

Brown’s Acting Career and Civil Rights Act Work

The football star started working in movies after he retired. He acted in many films over the years. These movies include; 100 Rifles, The Dirty Dozen, The Condor, Black Gun, and One Night in Miami was one of the recent movies. Moreover, Jim was also known as a black Superman or black John Wayne.

Jim Brown was also vocal about racial issues. He was only one of the few athletes to speak up about these issues in the 1950s when the civil rights movement was growing.

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