Alien Movie Release Date Set By Disney

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After the release of the previous Alien movie, expectations for the new instalment are exceptionally high. Fans of the franchise have been looking forward to the release of the new instalment ever since Alien: Prometheus dropped in 2017. This is especially so because the two prequel series directed by Ridley Scott had caused disappointment among fans worldwide. The two prequel Alien movies had focused more on the origin story of the Engineers, a feature that the fans thought did not align with the horror genre of the franchise. With the new Alien movie posing as a standalone, fans are hoping the objectives have realigned back to fit the genre with a fresh perspective.

Alien Movie Release Date

The latest addition to the Alien movie franchise has just received an official release date. The release date is the 16th of August, 2024. The film is a joint-venture production between 20th Century Studios and Scott Free Productions. The movie will serve as a standalone instalment. It will be the ninth overall instalment in the Alien movie franchise. The Alien movie releases on the streaming platform Hulu. The release and production of the film received confirmation back in March 2022. According to reports and production listings posted online, the rumoured title of the new Alien movie is Alien: Romulus. However, the likelihood of the working title changing is pretty high.

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Cast And Production

When November arrived, Cailee Spaeny was actively pursuing the lead role and the casting process for the upcoming film began to take shape. This encouraging development suggested that Spaeny was speaking with the production team and was probably going to play a big role in the project.

The date changed to March 2023, and another intriguing casting call appeared. The talented Isabela Merced was officially confirmed to have been cast. However, her specific role in the movie’s not yet public. Merced’s involvement increased the anticipation for the project. This is because her prior performances had received praise and recognition. This makes her an important addition to the cast.

The production team continued the trend of intriguing casting choices. The team added more actors to the ensemble during that exciting month. David Jonsson, Archie Renaux, Spike Fearn, and Aileen Wu were added to the lineup for the movie.

Fede Alvarez is the mastermind behind this story. This is because he has written, produced, and directed this instalment. Working alongside Alvarez is the esteemed screenwriter Rodo Sayagues. Rodo’s famous for his collaborative efforts with Alvarez on previous projects.

Behind the scenes, a team of seasoned producers joined forces to bring this cinematic vision to life. The list included industry veterans such as Ridley Scott, the visionary director who helmed the original Alien and played an integral role in shaping the franchise’s distinctive aesthetic. Joining Scott were Michael Pruss, Brent O’Connor, Elizabeth Cantillon, and Tom Moran, each contributing their expertise and experience to ensure the film’s success.

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Alien movie Release Date Set By Disney
Alien movie Release Date Set By Disney

Alien Movie Synopsis

This highly anticipated ninth instalment of the franchise takes a bold and innovative approach by shifting the narrative focus to a group of young people, which is a welcome change from its predecessors. While the specifics of the plot are kept under wraps, the choice to focus on these colourful and dynamic characters enables the franchise a new life and perspective.

This instalment focuses on the lives of the young protagonists. These protagonists are thrust into the centre of the action. This is in contrast to the previous films which mainly have explored the adult world of corporate, militaristic, and scientific roles. 

The production studio has provided a synopsis for the new Alien movie. Though vague, it’s supposed to provide them with an insight into the new instalment. The ninth instalment in the highly popular and enduring movie series transports audiences to a distant and mysterious world. It sets the stage for an epic and suspenseful adventure. The story centres around a group of young individuals who, against all odds, find themselves thrust into a harrowing confrontation with an unimaginably terrifying life form—the most formidable and menacing creature ever encountered in the vast universe.

Alien Movie Trailer

The movie has not yet received a trailer. Moreover, a trailer in the near future is also pretty unlikely. This is considering that there is still more than a year left before the film drops. The fans can expect to get a trailer for the new Alien movie at the beginning of summer 2024. However, till then the fans can refresh their memory. The fans can watch the other films and television series that are part of the franchise. 

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