What is Carl Ellan Kelley Cause Of Death?

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Carl Ellan Kelley, the half-sister of the famous American songwriter and singer Aretha Franklin, died at 78 on January 30, 2019. Her cause of death remained unknown for several years after her demise. However, reports have now revealed Carl Ellan Kelley’s cause of death, and we’re here to shed more light on this topic. 

As for Carl Ellan Kelley’s life, we don’t know much about it. Despite being the sister of an iconic figure, most of her life and accomplishments remain unknown and limited information is available about her personal and professional life. 

Carl Ellan Kelley Cause of Death

Carl Ellan Kelley was found dead at her residence on January 30, 2019. Although she died a few years ago, Carl Ellan Kelley’s cause of death has been revealed recently. 

The sister of the famous singer Aretha Franklin, Carl Ellen Kelley’s cause of death is a heart attack. She had suffered from heart problems for quite sometime before her death. 

Although it took years to determine Carl Ellan Kelley’s cause of death, we are glad that this matter has been resolved, and we finally know why Aretha Franklin’s sister died. 

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What is Carl Ellan Kelley Cause Of Death?
What is Carl Ellan Kelley’s Cause Of Death?

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Carl Ellan Kelley Biography 

Carl Ellan Kelley was born in the United States on November 17, 1940, to Mildred Jennings and the Reverend C.L. Franklin. She was born as an American citizen. However, nobody knows what religion she followed. 

Her father, C.L. Franklin, was a civil rights activist and an American Baptist minister who became the pastor of Detroit’s New Bethel Baptist Church.

Unfortunately, we know little about Carl Ellan Kelley’s early life. However, she was born during her father’s tenure as the Memphis’ New Salem Baptist Church pastor. 

There are no records of the educational institutions she may have attended or the subjects she studied. 

As mentioned above, Carl Ellan Kelley was the half-sister of Aretha Franklin. Apart from Aretha, she had four other half-siblings, Carolyn Franklin, Vaughn Franklin, Rev. Cecil Franklin., and Erma Franklin.

Additionally, Carl was married. However, the identity of her husband remains unknown. While we do not know the name of the husband, we do know the names of the two children she had with him, Charles G. Smith and Herman E. Wheatley III. 

Furthermore, there is a lot of speculation about Carl Ellan Kelley’s profession. Unfortunately, it, too, is not known at the moment. We cannot determine her net worth since we have not learned about her career and income. However, it is known that her father, C L Franklin— a renowned preacher, has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.

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