Robert De Niro Grandson’s Cause Of Death Confirmed By His Heartbroken Mum

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The son of Robert De Niro’s oldest daughter and artist, Carlos Mare, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, passed away on Sunday at 19. His sudden death has left his family and friends heartbroken and finding ways to cope with his loss. Many are surprised by the news of his death as he wasn’t suffering from any illness. So what is Robert De Niro’s grandson’s cause of death? Did the young boy try to take his own life, or was he suffering from any unknown illness? Is Robert De Niro’s grandson’s cause of death related to drugs? Well, let’s dive into all the details!

Robert De Niro Grandson Cause Of Death​

When his mom initially shared the news of Leandro De Niro Rodriguez’s death via an Instagram post, she did not share any details regarding his cause of death. Now, Drena De Niro has claimed that her 19-year-old son and Robert De Niro’s grandson’s cause of death is due to taking pills laced with fentanyl. 

Drena De Niro expressed her grief on Instagram. She replied to someone that someone knowingly sold her son drugs laced with fentanyl which ultimately led to his demise.

Moreover, the authorities found his body in a Lower Manhattan apartment when they responded to a 911 call at 55 Wall Street. The EMS declared him dead at the scene.

The City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has not disclosed the official cause of death for Leandro De Niro Rodriguez yet. This is because the toxicology report is still pending. However, we have information that detectives from the NYPD’s Narcotics Borough Manhattan South have been assigned to investigate the case. It suggests that they may be looking into the source of the drugs and determining who provided them to Leandro.

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Robert De Niro Grandson's Cause Of Death Confirmed By His Heartbroken Mum
Robert De Niro Grandson’s Cause Of Death Confirmed By His Heartbroken Mum

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Family and Friends Pay Tribute To Leandro De Niro Rodriguez

Leandro’s mom is the first person to pay tribute to him. She has posted several posts on Instagram sharing pictures of him and writing captions that will break anyone’s heart. Her first tribute to him confirmed his death and showed how much love she had for her “beautiful sweet angel.”

Leandro’s father, Carlos, commented under Drena’s first post. He wrote, “My dear Drena… words aren’t enough to express the joy he gave us or the loss we now endure with our families and friends. He is Godschild now. His spirit illuminates what could not be seen in the dark on this full moon. You can’t spell LOVE without LEO.”

Additionally, Drena’s comment section has been full of people expressing their love for their son and supporting her during this difficult time. Director Lee Daniels and actor Rosie Perez have also described their condolences to Drena De Niro in her comments section. Lee Daniels wrote that he hoped God would soon provide Drena comfort, while Rosie Perez expressed her shock on hearing the news and offered support. She further shared that she loved Drena and was there for her. 

While actor Lana Parrilla wrote: “I’m so deeply sorry. Sending you an enormous amount of love, prayers, and strength. May God be with you and all who love your darling boy.”

On Monday, Drena’s Oscar-winning father, Robert De Niro, released a statement to Hollywood Star. In the short report, he said, “I’m deeply distressed by the passing of my beloved grandson Leo. I’m deeply distressed by the passing of my beloved grandson Leo.”

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