What is Mikala Jones cause of death?

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Mikala Jones, a renowned figure in the surfing world, tragically lost his life on Sunday morning, July 9, due to a surfing accident. Jones, widely recognized for his outstanding skills, was involved in the incident while surfing the Mentawai Islands.

Mikala Jones Cause of Death

He had been staying at the Awera Resort with his family. Eyewitnesses reported that upon returning to the resort from the waves, Jones sustained a significant injury to the left side of his groin from his surfboard, resulting in a wound measuring approximately 10 centimetres. The injury severed his femoral artery, leading to catastrophic blood loss. Despite the efforts to save him, medical professionals at the Mentawai Hospital pronounced him dead upon his arrival.

Remembering Mikala Jones

Born and raised in Ohau, Hawaii, Mikala Jones captivated audiences with his mesmerizing images and footage captured inside massive, gracefully curved waves. His childhood in Rocky Point allowed him to grow up surrounded by the sea, developing a deep fascination with its waves from a young age. Jones began embracing the thrill of riding the North Shore waves with his siblings, Daniel and Malia. During this time, his affinity for the ocean and passion for surfing took root.

Jones’s journey led him to pursue surfing professionally on the North Shore, where he showcased his talents and made a name for himself. Although he initially explored competitive surfing, Jones discovered his true passion lay in free surfing and tube riding. His ability to navigate deep, heavy barrels set him apart, earning him a reputation for fearlessly conquering some of the most challenging waves in the ocean.

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What is Mikala Jones cause of death?
What is Mikala Jones’s cause of death?

A Glimpse into Mikala Jones’ Personal Life

Jones was married to Emma Brereton, and together they resided in Bali, Indonesia, with their children, Isabella and Violet Jones. Isabella, his eldest daughter, shared the heartbreaking news of her father’s passing. In a poignant Instagram post, she expressed her profound grief, struggling to put her emotions into words but expressing her everlasting love for her father through heartfelt throwback photos.

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Celebrating Mikala Jones’ Accomplishments

With his breathtaking photographs, often capturing him surfing within the curl of a wave, Mikala Jones had amassed a significant following on social media. His journey in surf photography began in the 1990s, inspired by his father, John Jones, who had previously documented surfers in the 1970s. At the time of his untimely passing, Jones had garnered over 50,000 Instagram followers captivated by his artistic imagery.

His father, John Jones, speaking from his Honolulu office, described his son’s photos as excellent. Stunning images showcased Jones lying on his board, enveloped by the curves of waves, sometimes revealing a captivating sunset or sunrise in the background. Surf photographer Woody Woodworth, recalling his encounter with Jones, believed that Jones had captured the best overall surf photo he had ever seen. The surfing community, including renowned figures such as Tia Blanco of Puerto Rico and 11-time World Surf League winner Kelly Slater, paid tribute to Mikala Jones on various social media platforms.

As news of Jones’s tragic accident reverberated through the surfing community, he was remembered for his exceptional tube-riding abilities, leaving a lasting impression in Hawaii and beyond.

The loss of Mikala Jones has cast a sombre cloud over the surfing world. Fellow surfers and enthusiasts will remember his contributions and indelible legacy.

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