Oria Henry Died in Lorry Crash: Shocking Details Behind Tragic Passing

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The Oria Henry case is still under investigation. The circumstances surrounding the toddler’s death seem very suspicious and deliberate.

Who is Oria Henry?

Oria Henry was a two-year-old girl whose innocent face went viral on social media hours after her mother, Racheal, posted about her tragic passing on Facebook. Condolence messages flooded in for the grieving mother, as people were visibly disturbed by the odd nature of the toddler’s death. The adorable pictures of the smiling child with her luscious curly locks exacerbated everyone’s pain.

Details about the Crash

The tragic events unfolded when a blue Nissan Qashqai collided with a lorry, resulting in the deaths of Oria’s father, Ashley Henry, and Oria herself. The devastating collision occurred on Sunday at 2:45 pm in Anwick, Lincolnshire. Haze and weather conditions are unlikely to have contributed to the misjudgment of the Nissan’s driver.

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Oria Henry Died in Lorry Crash: Shocking Details Behind Tragic Passing
Oria Henry Died in Lorry Crash: Shocking Details Behind Tragic Passing

Police Investigation on the Oria Henry Case

The Lincolnshire Police spokesperson made an official announcement, stating that they are investigating the accident as a murder attempt. The decision was made after a deliberate and careful analysis of the crash scene. The spokesperson expressed grief for the family’s loss and encouraged people to report suspicious activity or plausible evidence to the police in the force control room number 101. Incident 264, occurring on 18th June, should be quoted when reporting.

No further details were disclosed regarding whether it was an attempted murder or if suicidal intentions were a possible cause of the accident. Racheal’s social media post did mention the latter. The complete details from the investigation will be released in December, according to Paul Smith, the senior coroner overseeing the operations.

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How Did Oria Henry Die?

Oria Henry was found dead in the lorry crash along with her father, Ashley Henry. Ashley, 35 years old, was not actively involved with Oria’s mother at the time of the crash. Both of them died instantly at the scene.

Dashcam footage from the lorry points towards a possible suicide or homicide attempt. The footage shows Ashley Henry deliberately colliding with the truck, ignoring the fatal impact it could have. The police believe that Ashley Henry intended to kill himself and his daughter quickly and effectively, ruling out the interference of a third party.

While the cause of the father’s death was confirmed to be due to road accident-induced traumatic injuries, the cause of Oria’s death is yet to be determined. Police and medico-legal investigations are ongoing to establish whether Oria Henry died during the crash or was harmed before it.

The Mother’s Tribute

Images of Oria’s mother, Racheal, and daughter have been circulating on social media. Racheal was shattered upon hearing the news, expressing, “The emptiness I feel is indescribable.” She has been updating her followers about the ongoing criminal investigation into the accident, which may involve a homicide or a suicide attempt perpetrated by Ashley Henry. Oria’s biological father also passed away in the lorry crash.

Undoubtedly, the tragic and untimely death of one’s child can never be foreseen. It is a nightmare and curse that no parent should experience. Nevertheless, Racheal is trying to find strength with the support of her partner, friends, and family. May the investigation report on Oria Henry’s case bring solace to the grieving family.

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