Eunice Newton Foote Cause of Death: Why Google is celebrating her Birthday?

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Google, a global technology company, is honouring American scientist Eunice Newton Foote on her 204th Birthday by creating a stunning slideshow doodle. Google Doodle commended, “Happy Birthday, Eunice Newton Foote!”

Eunice Newton Foote Cause of Death

On September 30, 1888, Eunice Newton Foote passed away. She was laid to rest in Brooklyn, New York’s Green-Wood Cemetery. Her death cause was not disclosed during this prolonged period.

Eunice gained more recognition recently as her story was rediscovered and garnered more notoriety.

Personal Life details

On July 17, 1819, Eunice Newton Foote was born. She was born in the American city of Goshen, Connecticut.

She was a distant relative of scientist Isaac Newton, who discovered gravity and was a farmer and businessman. Eunice had six sisters and five brothers, yet the eldest sister passed away when she was two.

Eunice Newton Foote was once married. Elisha Foote, her spouse, was a farmer. They married in 1841 and separated in 1883. The children of Eunice Newton Foote were two: Mary Foote Henderson and Augusta Foote Arnold.

She grew up when there were few options for women to participate in or pursue scientific education, but she pursued her interest in the subject.

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Eunice Newton Foote: Inventions

Foote carried out her experiments in 1856. She discovered that the glass cylinder holding carbon dioxide heated up most in the sun when it contained mercury thermometers. She concludeddamental idea behind the greenhouse effect is that carbon dioxide has the capaccand raise the temperature of the air around it.

1857 Foote began conducting experiments on static electricity, known as “electrical excitation”—the experiments aimed to quantify the moisture content and identify atmospheric gases that could produce static electricity.

Eunice Foote and Elisha Foote were inventors. In 1864, she also created a brand-new paper-making machine in the form of a cylinder.

According to the official Google Doodle page, women did not participate in the scientific community then. Despite his resistance, Foote finally became the first scientist to make connections between rising carbon dioxide levels and atmospheric warming.

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Eunice Newton Foote Cause of Death: Why Google is celebrating her Birthday?
Eunice Newton Foote Cause of Death: Why Google is celebrating her Birthday?

Awards & Recognition

Eunice Newton Foote, the nation’s first scientist, inventor, and champion for women’s rights, is most renowned for her groundbreaking work in climate science. She researched the greenhouse effect in 1856, figuring out how carbon dioxide traps heat.

Foote developed a lifetime love of science and advocated for women’s rights. Google created a Doodle honouring Foote on her 204th Birthday.

She was a member of various scientific societies and actively participated in women’s rights movements. Foote was one of five women who contributed to the convention’s proceedings for publication in the inaugural conference for women’s rights.

Foote presented her study to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 1856, where her presentation was appreciated and titled “Circumstances Affecting the Heat of the Sun’s Rays”.

However, due to the prevailing social and gender biases of the period, her research did not receive widespread recognition. Her research was not extensively disseminated because it was not published in a scientific journal.

To Summarize

Eunice Newton Foote’s work has recently received attention; even scientific solutions were not w recognized when she was alive. She is the one who is the early pioneer in climate science, and her research and experiments have helped us better grasp how greenhouse gases and global warming are related.

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