YouTuber Annabelle Ham Dies at 22: Who Was She and What Was Her Cause of Death?

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Annabelle Ham’s cause of death is surfacing on the internet. Annabelle Ham, a 22-year-old American YouTuber, influencer, and college student, has recently passed away. Her family has shared the reason for her untimely demise with her fans worldwide. With an impressive following of 77,000 subscribers on YouTube, Annabelle was a well-loved social media personality. Her family wasted no time disclosing the news of her sudden demise and sharing their love and admiration for her online. They fondly described her as “a shining light in the world” in their heartfelt messages.

As a college student, she would take time to shoot vlogs occasionally, providing a brief insight into her life for her fans. Annabelle was a makeup enthusiast and never kept her valuable tips and tricks to herself. On that note, let’s explore everything about Annabelle Ham’s cause of death and the circumstances surrounding her unexpected passing.

Annabelle Ham Cause of Death

Annabelle Ham’s cause of death was Epilepsy. An epileptic seizure is the reason she passed away on July 15, 2023. She had been suffering from a terminal disease for quite some time and was willing to raise awareness among the masses. Epilepsy may occur at any age, but observation suggests it usually begins in childhood or after 60 years.

Furthermore, as per the NHS’s provided information, Epilepsy is quite common and affects the brain either wholly or partially, which leads to frequent seizures. In addition, the sudden burst of electrical activity in the brain promotes seizures that briefly disturb the brain’s normal functioning. Consequently, an individual may experience different symptoms during these episodes of Epilepsy.

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YouTuber Annabelle Ham Dies at 22: Who Was She and What Was Her Cause of Death?
YouTuber Annabelle Ham Dies at 22: Who Was She and What Was Her Cause of Death?

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Thoughts of Annabelle Ham’s Family

The tributes of her fans from all corners of the world are pouring in, as she was a young, energetic girl with many dreams in life who inspired many girls to be the best version of themselves. Her sudden death was saddening, but Annabelle Ham’s cause of death has shaken everyone to the core.

Her family took to her Instagram account and broke the news of her passing, revealing Annabelle Ham’s cause of death with an acknowledgement of her craft and struggles. Her family wrote:

“This is Annabelle’s family. We’re writing this with heavy hearts. Annabelle experienced an epileptic event and has gone on to the gates of heaven. She struggled with this for a long time and wanted to raise awareness for it, which we will do in honor of her.”

Annabelle Ham’s family further added, writing:

“Annabelle was beautiful and inspiring, and she lived life to the fullest. Everyone she met was inspired by her energy and the light inside her soul that shined so bright. She was, and will forever be, so so loved. She was sunshine in human form. We were all so lucky to experience her light and love, sending so much love to you all during this incredibly difficult time.”

Alexandria Ham’s Tribute to Her Sister 

One of her devastated sisters, Alexandria Ham, paid tribute to Annabelle as well, writing:

“She was always so happy and looked for ways to make every day, situation, or outing better. There really aren’t adequate words for how good she was. There will never be words for how heartbroken my family and I are. Annabelle was such a light to the world. A spark-plug. If you knew Annabelle, you loved her and loved being around her. She loved others so well too. Please keep my family in your prayers”. 

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