Liam Hemsworth Cheats Miley Cyrus in Real? Here’s Everything You Must Know

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Liam Hemsworth Cheats Miley Cyrus 

Rumors about Liam Hemsworth cheating on Miley Cyrus have recently been making rounds. However, there has been no confirmation on whether these are true. Miley and Liam dated long ago, but their relationship was quite public. This meant their breakup was also broadcasted to the wide world and for everyone to see. Moreover, their split was also really messy. This turned out to be just the sweet treat that the paparazzi wanted. Ever since then, the two have not been on the best terms.

Liam Hemsworth Cheats Miley Cyrus in Real Here's Everything You Must Know
Liam Hemsworth Cheats Miley Cyrus in Real Here’s Everything You Must Know

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Miley Cyrus just released a song called “Flowers.” Since its release, fans have claimed this song is a shade thrown towards Liam. With this discussion springing up, many things have also been brought up.

When the pair broke up, there were no confirmed instances of Liam cheating on Miley. Moreover, there was no news of cheating being the reason for the split. However, ever since the song’s release, social media observers have been insinuating many things. They view the house where the music video of Flowers was shot as familiar. They believe it’s the same place where Liam cheated on Miley with 14 other women.

Moreover, the fact Miley released the song on Liam’s birthday has ignited these rumors. People also say that Miley’s choice to sample Bruno Mars’ song “When I Was Your Man” was strategic. This is because Liam used to dedicate that song to her.

Many fans are curious as to whether this piece of information is authentic or not. However, there has been no confirmed news from the duo or any other news outlet regarding this matter.

However, Miley talked about their relationship in 2019 in an emotional string of tweets. She stated that the two did not split because of cheating from either of the sides. Some people are nevertheless going the extra mile to spin up stories about how she might not have known about Liam cheating on her back then.

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People have also tried to scavenge for more references or make up some at this point. This whole scenario has snowballed as stories keep springing up regarding this matter.

Nevertheless, the duo has not released any statement on this matter. This should give the audience an idea of what this silence may mean. We hope this article cleared all your queries regarding ‘Liam Hemsworth Cheats Miley Cyrus.’ 

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