Jim Hutton’s Cause of Death is Now Revealed: How Did He Die?

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A budding New York actor who has charmed audiences through his acting and charisma, Jim Hutton’s cause of death is something that fans cannot cope with. During the 1960s, this Hollywood star dominated the movie and television industry. He quickly became a sensation amongst young audiences, and fans were quick to consider him as Jimmy Stewart’s replacement. But fate was not likely in his favor, and the actor’s sad demise came much early.

Jim Hutton’s Cause of Death is Now Revealed How Did He Die
Jim Hutton’s Cause of Death is Now Revealed How Did He Die

The actor is often in the headlines because of his association with the Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury. Upon his death, false rumors started circulating regarding Jim Hutton’s cause of death. Some speculations went as far as to claim that Jim died because of AIDS. Well, tabloids keep spreading news for their gain, so we should find the truth and correct information rather than believing in misleading ones.

Jim Hutton’s Cause of Death: Did He Die Of AIDS?

Jim Hutton’s cause of death is liver cancer and not AIDS. He died on 2nd June 1979, only two days after his 45th birthday. The actor was diagnosed with the fatal disease just two months before passing. However, he was lucky to live long enough to see his son, Timothy Hutton, win Oscar under the category Best Supporting Actor for the motion picture Ordinary People. During his speech, he did thank his father, Jim, for his legacy.

Who Was Jim Hutton? The Life Of The Hollywood Star

Born on 31st May 1934 in Binghamton, New York, Jim Hutton’s legal name was Dana James Hutton. His love for games and athletics initially hinted that he might be a sports personality. He soon became a part of the US Army when he was young. He served his nation in Germany. But despite staying in harsh conditions, it never led to becoming Jim Hutton’s cause of death.

Interestingly, he grew his passion for acting while he was in Germany. He did perform in multiple theatres, and a German movie director named Douglas Sirk spotted him. He intended to start showcasing his works in Hollywood, and Hutton was the right fit to launch that.

Though he was six feet five inches in height which was way too tall for that generation of Hollywood actors, he still bagged world-class roles for himself. Hutton first became famous with his role in The Twilight Zone, and he got lucky enough to share the screen with Rod Taylor in a 1959 episode. His breakthrough role was in a college student movie, Where the Boys Are. This film made Hutton a familiar name amongst young adults and teenagers. It was in this film that I worked with Paula Prentiss.

Ever since then, the duo has been seen together in multiple films. They are a hit-on-screen couple and The Honeymoon Machine with Prentiss. Later, his worldwide success came with Bachelor in Paradise after The Honeymoon opposite Lana Turner and Bob Hope. With Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations, he became a name to reckon with in the industry. The most significant success of his career was the 1966 film Walk, Don’t Run. Hutton continued acting and even entered the television industry in the 1970s.

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Did Jim Hutton Have A Relationship With Freddie Mercury?

The actor Jim Hutton was never in a relationship with Freddie Mercury. Coincidently, a different Jim Hutton was romantically in a relationship with Queen singer Freddie. The former couple first met at a famous London gay club named Heaven in 1985. They didn’t instantly get into a relationship because Hutton was already dating someone else. But in just 18 months, they met again, and this time they got into a relationship.

The lovebirds were in a relationship for years until the death of Freddie in 1991. Since Freddie’s cause of death was AIDS, it was suspected that Hutton would be infected with the same. He died at 61 in 2010, and many believe that AIDS was Jim Hutton’s cause. However, other reports claim that it was lung cancer. Well, that topic remains controversial, but one thing is sure he died wearing the ring Freddie gave him as a symbol of their love.

Often fans confuse actor Jim Hutton’s cause of death with that of Freddie Mercury’s lover Jim. But in reality, those two were completely different people. Actor Jim Hutton died much before Freddie, and his lover started dating. So, before claiming anything, check the facts and learn the truth before believing it.

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