Michael Lockwood’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Guitarist?

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Michael Lockwood’s net worth is estimated to be millions after his career entered a new phase of success when he married Lisa Marie Presley. An artist by birth, Michael is a famous musician who has gained global fame as a guitarist and producer. He has worked with some iconic artists, including Lisa Marie Presley. Though there is no denying that marrying Lisa boosted his image, he has been a part of the industry for years. A performer like him makes the world’s music industry so diverse. He has been a band member, a producer, and a successful artist.

Michael Lockwood's Net Worth How Rich is the Guitarist
Michael Lockwood’s Net Worth How Rich is the Guitarist

Over his career span, he did face many ups and downs. But did he maintain that impressive Michael Lockwood net worth all this while? What is his fortune in total? We have the exact figure of his earnings, which is definitely at par with some of the best musicians.

What Is Michael Lockwood’s Net Worth?

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Michael Lockwood’s net worth is $5 million approximately, as he is among the highest-paid musicians. From 2018 onwards, his earnings kept increasing. It has grown by over a million in just five years, and most of its earnings come from its music career. He continues to produce music from where he gets a percentage of all the released music. Moreover, the guitarist also had made investments bringing him profits in 2023.

Michael Lockwood’s Salary and Earnings

The cumulative sum of his monthly earnings makes Michael Lockwood’s net worth. As per the data, Michael made over $570,240 in 2022 and $536,026 in 2021. His income was far from this massive figure before 2020. In 2020, he earned $493,144, $473,418 in 2019, and ultimately $440,279 in 2018. The guitarist took small gradual steps to make the vast lump sum today.

Michael Lockwood’s Early Life

Michael Lockwood was born on 22nd May 1961 in Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California. His love for music inspired him to enter the world of music. But before proceeding further, he got his diploma in 1979 from Bakersfield’s Highland High School. In a few years, he began his professional career as a guitar player. The road was rocky, but he never gave up. He became a part of the band Lions & Ghosts. The band was also signed to EMI America Records, which was achieved due to its efforts of Michael. They went to London to release their debut album, and their second album was out. This made Michael Lockwood’s net worth start on a great note. It was trendy amongst youngsters but couldn’t be a legendary Hollywood band. This is because the band split in 1989, and the members went their separate ways.

Michael Lockwood’s Career After Success

The significant events happened when focused solely on leading in the music industry. He worked with top-notch artists like Leona Naess, Ben Taylor, Susanna Hoffs, Michael Penn, Alana Davis, Fiona Apple, Carly Simon, and so on. You may have witnessed his guitar works in songs like Storm & Grace, Brittany Shane, Lucky Girl, and This Kind of Love. Furthermore, Michael Lockwood’s net worth also comes from his work as a producer, namely Bleeding Together and Lost in Space. Later he formed another local power pop band called Wink with Tony Babylon, Brian Keats, and Michael Marquesan.

Michael reached the peak of his career when he married Lisa Maire Presley, legendary artist Elvis Presley’s daughter, in 2006. They had a dreamy Japanese wedding, had twins, and divorced in 2016. His marriage with Lisa brought him new-found fame. He was her fourth husband of Lisa, but their relationship lasted almost ten years. Michael has also been included in the list of the most famous guitarists.

Michael Lockwood’s net worth is growing; he will get full custody of the twins after Lisa passes away. In the future, we hope to see him work on more projects.

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