Saint Clare: Release Date and Everything You Must Know

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Since its announcement, many have been waiting to know when the movie will be released. This is so that they could go and watch it. Saint Clare is based on and adapted from the book Clare At Sixteen by Don Roff. This means that there are already people who know the story’s plot. This makes them more excited to watch this adaptation. With its star-studded lineup and already several book readers and fans waiting for the movie to release, the film Saint Clare will surely succeed. 

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Saint Clare Release Date

The movie is set to release in theaters in 2023. However, no specific date has yet been given to the fans and viewers. However, this continues the fans’ excitement over the movie and anticipation. There are also chances for sequels to the film, given that Roff is writing sequels to the original book. 

Saint Clare Plot

The story introduces us to 16-year-old Clare Bleeker. Clare lives with her grandparents in the peaceful little town called the Pickman Flats. This small community of people together seems to prosper and exist in harmony. The city also attracts many tourists as it offers samples of tasty wines. Moreover, because it is such a small place, everyone knows pretty much everyone, so it is a close-knit community. Because of these qualities, one might think of Pickman Flats as the best place to live with a family and grow old. 


However, the town has a sinister underside hidden under all that façade. Clare recognizes its dark underside for what it is. Or for what Clare believes it to be, given that she acknowledges the evil aspects of her hometown. On the other hand, Clare has a dark side of her own, the “Other Clare,” as she puts it. This side of her is murderous and enraged. Every time she gets too agitated or has to defend the people she loves from evil or those she perceives as bad, her side takes control and explodes.

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Saint Clare Cast and Crew

Previously, the film was set to star Riverdale actress Madelaine Petsch. She would then also executively produce the media work, Saint Clare. However, Madelaine’s no longer part of the project Saint Clare. Moreover, Bella Thorne from Game of Love has now taken over Madelaine’s character in Saint Clare. Bella Thorne will be playing the character of Clare Bleeker now, around whom the story of this film revolves. 

While Madelaina was on board and working on the film project, the movie’s director was Mark Pavia, who had also directed The Night Flier by Stephen King. However, changing Madelaine from the main character’s role was one of many changes to the film crew. The project’s production changed, and now Roff, along with Guinevere Turner and Mitzi Pierone, would write the script of the film Saint Clare. Moreover, Mitzi Pierone would also be the chairing as the director of the film.

The other confirmed cast members of the film till now are Ryan Phillippe and Rebecca De Mornoay. Ryan Phillippe, who had also starred in The Locksmith, would play the role of Timmons in the movie. Rebecca De Mornay had previously played a role in the hit show Lucifer. That same Rebecca will now play a role in the film.

No one has confirmed her role. 

Saint Clare’s Trailer

No trailer is out for the film. This means that the fans and viewers will have to keep an eye out for one. This is so they can watch it as soon as it releases. 

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