Who is Gabriel Iglesias Wife? A Look at the Comedian’s Better Half and Family Life

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Gabriel Iglesias wife and his family life have been popular amongst the fans ever since Gabriel became famous for his comedy. Popularly known as Fluffy to his loyal base, the American stand-up comedian surely knows how to turn your bad mood into a good one. Iglesias wife became a person everyone could reckon with after Fluffy became a household name. In fact, after having a successful stand-up comedy career with sold-out tours, Gabriel even got incredible fame as an actor. You may have seen him playing Tobias in the “Magic Mike” movie franchise.

Well, his professional life is thriving but are Iglesias wife and the comedian still together? There are so many details about Fluffy, but only a few pieces of information are available about Iglesias wife. So, here is everything you need to know about Iglesias’s wife, his family, and more about his personal life.

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Who Is Gabriel Iglesias’s Wife?

Claudia Valdez was known to be Gabriel Iglesias’s wife, but the couple never got married. The former duo dated for 12 years and mutually ended their relationship. Though some news outlets claimed his wife was Claudia, the duo never officially confirmed they were married. Undoubtedly, it was Fluffy’s most famous relationship since she was also in Gabriel’s Netflix series, Gabriel Iglesias Stadium Fluffy.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias's Wife A Look at the Comedian's Better Half and Family Life
Who is Gabriel Iglesias Wife A Look at the Comedian’s Better Half and Family Life

The main reason why people thought of Claudia as Gabriel Iglesias wife is they were parenting Claudia’s son, Frankie. Claudia had a son, and Gabriel wasn’t his biological father. But he was so attached to Frankie that he later adopted him and gave him his name. It did spark the rumors of Claudia being Gabriel Iglesias’s wife, but shockingly, the lovers met much after Frankie was born on 8th December 1997.

Gabriel and Claudia first crossed paths while the lady love worked for the movie monster. The eagle-eyed fans who always track every move of their favorite stars first caught the duo secretly dating in 2008. For most of their relationship, the former lovers kept the external affair profile. However, fans once asked if they would ever see Claudia as his wife and have biological kids. To that, Gabriel replied that he is not willing to have his kids since he considers Frankie to be his son. He also had set the records straight that they share a pure and robust bond. So, he wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world.

After his split from Claudia, there were no updates on his personal life, but he has not married anyone.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias’s Wife, Claudia Valdez?

Even though Claudia is not Gabriel Iglesias wife, fans still address her to be Fluffy’s better half. Claudia is highly successful in her career. She is an American actress and producer who is more popular other than earning the title of Gabriel Iglesias wife. Her first breakthrough movie was the 2010 film Monster. It was a Sci-Fi, drama, and thriller movie, and Claudia got a lot of media coverage.

Before being famous for her achievements and as Gabriel Iglesias wife, she was born to a middle-class American family. Much information about her personal life is private. But she once said that her intention was never to become an actress. After gaining praise and positive feedback for her work on Monster, she continued to act in many other movies.

Claudia is also a businesswoman. She founded Valdez production and was the producer of many movies. These are El Buffalo De La Noche, Jarhead, La Zona, Troy, and The Legend of Zoro. So, her identity was more than just a wife or girlfriend. Claudia did build a successful career for herself and has created her network of successful ventures.

Fluffy and Claudia have a history together, and fans wish she would become his wife. But sadly, that didn’t happen. Claudia may forever be known as Gabriel Iglesias wife, but they co-parent their son Frankie excellently. We are sure that Gabriel and Claudia are pleased in their life and maintaining their bond at their own pace.

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