Who Is Eunice Dwumfour’s Husband “Eze Kings”?

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Who is Eunice Dwumfour husband is a question everyone is asking after the sudden death of the Councilwoman. The tragedy that shook people’s hearts, the sudden unfortunate death of Sayreville Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour, is making the headlines right now. Theatrically and unfairly, the Councilwoman was murdered.

As much as the killing of Eunice Dwumfour stunned the people, the events that followed in the coming days have left everyone wondering for more information on the same. A few days after her killing, Eunice Dwumfour husband has become the center of the news. It happened after he shared a bizarre social media post wishing her happy birthday, one month before her actual one. People are beginning to wonder who is Eunice Dwumfour’s husband. So, we have all the details you must know!

Who is Eunice Dwumfour Husband?

Eunice Dwumfour husband’s name is Eze Kings. He is a pastor in Nigeria; apart from that, not much information is available about him. Eunice Dwumfour and her husband, Eze Kings, tied the knot in November of 2022 in Africa. Now that he is all over the news, the couple also has an 11-year-old daughter. However, a sad event turned the fate of the happy family’s life. Eunice Dwumfour was a victim of a targeted shooting” near the Sayreville home on February 1, 2023, where she lost her life. She is said to have succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds. This has left Eunice Dwumfour husband and her loved ones in utter shock. The family is now fighting to find the truth of the incident.

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What is Eunice Dwumfour Husband’s Social Media Post About?

Eunice Dwumfour husband is making the headlines right now because of the Facebook post that he shared lately. Following the death of the Councilwoman, Eunice Dwumfour husband took to social media to share a birthday message for the late Councilwoman on February 3. The post had almost a dozen pictures of the couple. Eunice Dwumfour husband wrote, “March 4 is your birthday. Happy, glorious birthday in addy, my love.” His sudden post has stirred a lot of comments as he wished her late wife a birthday “in addy” or in advance.

Who Is Eunice Dwumfour Husband?
Who Is Eunice Dwumfour’s Husband?

The post garnered over 190 comments, and people from all over came together and shared their condolences over this unfortunate event. Eunice Dwumfour husband also wrote, “My angel, you promised to see me by May. I know your breath through me. I will continue celebrating you as I promised you. I missed you, my love.” Of the 13 pictures Eunice Dwumfour’s husband shared, we could see the couple smiling and kissing at their wedding. It also had photos of the couple twinning in matching red pants suits and celebrating.

The Facebook page of the late Councilwoman also has pictures of their traditional marriage ceremony. They became husband and wife recently, in 2022, at the Ramada Hotel in East Orange. Even before the couple got to celebrate one year of their marriage, their marriage life came to an end. The Nigerian wedding was one of the two ceremonies that Eunice Dwumfour husband shared pictures of.

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How Did Eunice Dwumfour Die?

The unfortunate event has raised many questions and speculations among the fans of the late Councilwoman. While Eunice Dwumfour husband’s heartbreaking posts are making the rounds on the internet, police are yet to find the murderer or finalize the motive behind the killing. Dwumfour was 30 years old and completed her first year as the Councilwoman for Sayreville Borough Council. She was fatally shot when she was inside the car. The car was at her Samuel Circle home in the Parlin section. Police found her dead inside the vehicle at around 7:30 pm in evening.

As per the neighbors, they heard about ten gunshots. Eunice Dwumfour’s SUV rolled down the street before it struck a parked car. Further investigations revealed that some neighbors saw a person in a hooded sweatshirt. However, no suspects or motive for the killing has been announced yet, and no one has been arrested. One man said he saw a man going over the fence who could be the possible killer of Eunice Dwumfour. Authorities are investigating the same, trying to get to the bottom. They have also reached out to Eunice Dwumfour husband’s church to understand her involvement with it.

We hope more details about Eunice Dwumfour husband and her death come out shortly. In such trying times, our prayers are with the broken family.

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