Why Was Trailer Park Boys Season 13 Cancelled?

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Will we ever get Trailer Park Boys season 13? The Canadian mockumentary and drama series have been reigning over the hearts of fans for 21 years. But after the sudden decision to cancel the thirteeth season, global fans felt shattered when the announcement was first made. We became so connected to the lives of Bubbles, Julian, and Ricky that it was hard for the fans to imagine the show would never return. The OG fans know what a journey it has been for the 12 glorious seasons. It initially became a cult-classic movie in 1999, and then it got a TV series adaptation. We also got three more films before the final news of the cancellation of the Trailer Park Boys season 13.

But one question that still bothers the fans is why Trailer Park Boys season 13 had such an abrupt cancellation. The series never gave us a dull moment and surely maintained its legacy for over two decades. So what went wrong?

Why Was Trailer Park Boys season 13?

Actor Michael Jackson wrote in a lengthy blog post that the show was canceled due to its low pay. Mike Smith announced that the show is officially over on Swearnet’s State Of The Union. Despite the show being on Netflix and having a worldwide audience, the unfortunate cancellation of Trailer Park Boys seasons 13 was surprising.

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Cory and Trevor exited the series after the sixth season, but the showrunners never clarified the reasons. However, the actors took it upon themselves to clear all the reasons behind the cancellation. Jackson said that they got relatively low payments when the show first began. But as the series grew, the actors’ pay remained the same. Thus, the actors who were making the show popular claimed to be underpaid.

Why Was Trailer Park Boys Season 13 Cancelled
Why Was Trailer Park Boys Season 13 Cancelled

As a matter of fact, Cory and Trevor were two of the most famous characters who never stuck around past the sixth season. They bailed out for the same reason even before the Trailer Park Boys season 13 cancellation. Moreover, season 12 did end with a big cliffhanger making everyone wonder when they will get the answers. This raised hope that season 13 may return someday. Mike once hinted that instead of the thirteenth, the creators might return with Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series. However, it has been three years, and there is no update about the same. So, the future of the series is still a big question.

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What Can Happen In Trailer Park Boys Season 13?

The thirteenth season will give us another ride to the colorful life of Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian. They bring in chaos wherever they go, and the get-rich-quick schemes fascinate them the most. But ultimately, there are always numerous screwups preventing them from getting rich. Interestingly, the former trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey and his assistant Randy are always on the hunt for the trio. The boys have been in and out of jail several times, and the new season will be no exception.

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In the finale of season 12, Bubble organizes a stag party for the loving friends Ricky and Julian. As usual, they managed to escape when the police sirens approached. Susan and George Green were now the new supervisors of Trailor Park. But suddenly, something uncanny happened, and all became cartoons. The boys accidentally became a part of the meta-verse. So, season 13 will show the current whereabouts of the trio. Fans are guessing this will lead to a universe similar to that of Marvel. Thus, a new storyline may be waiting for the fans.

Is There Any Production Update About?

Well, it has been over three years since the cancellation of the upcoming season was announced. And there are no updates on the production of a new season or spin-off series. There might be a live-action series on the Jail Series For Swearnet. But the exact information regarding the same is vague.

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We know how hard it might be for fans to miss out on their favorite series. But Trailer Park Boys season 13 is likely not going to return. It was a show fans will miss until the future surprises us with a new installment!

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