Full Swing season 2 is Getting Renewed Confirms PGA

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Many fans and non-fans of golf are curious to know whether there will be a Full Swing season 2. A reason for this is the insane amount of success and streams the show garnered with its first installment. The documentary series turned into an immediate hit on Netflix. This success was not just among regular golf watchers but even among those who were not fans of the sport. 

Moreover, the series also succeeded in introducing many people to the world of golf and turning them into fans. With the first season only having eight episodes, many fans felt dissatisfied. It made them want more of the series and the golf world. This is the reason why many are curious whether Full Swing season 2 will renew or not. 

Is Full Swing Season 2 Renewing?

PGA has confirmed that the docuseries Full Swing season 2, focusing on the highs and lows of the PGA Tour, is renewed. The new installment of the documentary series will be available on the streaming platform Netflix once released. However, Full Swing Season 2 still needs to receive a release date.

Full Swing season 2 Renewed or Cancelled
Full Swing season 2 Renewed or Cancelled

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What To Expect From Season 2?

Season 2 would build on what made the first season of the documentary series so relatable by capturing not only the triumphs but also the heartbreaking close calls, like when Theegala just missed the playoff at the WM Phoenix Open last year and wept into his parents’ arms.

Full Swing Season 2 Golfers

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Till now, PGA did not reveal much about the golfers that will take part in the season installment of this documentary series. However, this season will feature an entirely new set of golfers for sure. 

What is Full Swing Season 1 about?

Full Swing Season 1 had a total of 8 episodes. Across all these eight episodes, the documentary series followed a number of golfers. Two golfers feature in the series from each of the four major championships. These championships were The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and Open Championship. The show even included playoff games and practice rounds along the way. This was done to add context to what’s primarily a human tale at its core.

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Moreover, viewers do not need to know everything about golf and how it works to watch the documentary series. They might feel puzzled about why the leaderboard has negative numbers or what’s happening at the beginning, but everything is explained later. Moreover, specialized golf slang terminology or golf jargon, such as bogeys, eagles, over and under par, and many more, are used. The intention for using this jargon is for the non-golfers to familiarise themselves with and ease into the game.

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