Resident Evil Death Island Release Date Revealed – Releasing on July 7th, 2023

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The latest edition of the Japanese action movie Resident Evil is right around the corner. Resident Evil Death Island is set to release in the summer of 2023. Resident Evil: Vendetta was released in 2017, and an animated miniseries for the franchise dropped in 2021, named Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. This makes Death Island the fifth instalment in the franchise and the fourth feature film. With only a few months left until its release, let us look into everything you need to know about the upcoming movie. 

Resident Evil Death Island Release Date

Resident Evil Death Island has finally got a release date, and as per the announcement, the movie will release on July 7th, 2023. The fifth addition to this Japanese action movie franchise will release in Japan on this date. However, we are still unaware of when the film will release in theaters across the globe.

As it is a Japanese movie, Japan can see it on the big screen before the rest of the world. Nonetheless, we are hopeful that American, Asian, and European audiences will soon get an official release date for the film. 

Resident Evil Death Island Everything We Know So Far
Resident Evil Death Island Everything We Know So Far

Resident Evil Death Island Synopsis

Resident Evil Death Island takes place in 2015 and follows the events after Resident Evil 6 and the events preceding Resident Evil 7. This movie is a continuation of Resident Evil: Vendetta, set in 2014. Although it is a part of the Resident Evil franchise, you don’t necessarily have to watch the previous instalments to understand the upcoming movie’s plot. 

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Resident Evil follows the escapades of Leon S. Kennedy (a D.S.O. agent) and Chris Redfield (a B.S.A.A. agent). Agent Leon is trying to get to the bottom of Dr Antonio Taylor’s kidnapping. Just as he is trying to get closer to solving the crime, his mission gets interrupted by a mysterious woman. 

Moreover, simultaneously, Agent Chris is trying to get control of a zombie apocalypse, and the only way to stop the spread is to find out what’s causing it. He uncovers that the only commonality between the victims is that they all recently visited Alcatraz Island. As he goes to the island with his team, he discovers a baffling truth that is way beyond his expectations. 

Resident Evil Death Island Cast

With only a few months left till the release of the movie, a lot of information regarding the plot, release date, and trailer is out. However, we still do not know much about the movie’s cast.

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Since it is a CGI film, we cannot say if the same voice actors would return for Resident Evil Death Island. Nonetheless, if the same voice actors from the previous instalment reprise their roles, we will likely hear the following actors in the film:

  • Kevin Dorman as the voice of Chris Redfield
  • Matthew Mercer as the voice of Leon S. Kennedy
  • Nicole Tompkins as the voice of Jill Valentine
  • Erin Cahill as the voice of Rebecca Chambers
  • Stephanie Panisello as the voice of Claire Redfield

We are still waiting to find out the voice cast for this Japanese CGI movie. Once it’s revealed, we’ll update this space with it.

The Great Minds Behind Resident Evil Death Island 

Some of the greatest minds in Japanese filmmaking have come together to bring Resident Evil Death Island to life. Makoto Fukami is the producer, and Eiichirō Hasumi is the film’s director. Fukami is an acclaimed screenwriter with popular anime and manga series to his name. Some of his work includes Berserk and Psycho-Pass. Fukami’s work often has intricate character development that has the potential to transport you into the world of the movie. 

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Moreover, the film’s director, Hasumi, has excellent experience in the action and suspense genre. Hasumi’s work beautifully blends detailed storytelling even within action-packed movies, such as Mozu, Assassination Classroom, and Umizaru. 

Is There a Trailer? 

Resident Evil comes under the banner of Sony Picture Entertainment, who released the teaser for the CGI movie a while back. The 30-second teaser gave its audience the perfect sneak peek into what to expect from the upcoming action-packed suspense film. From gruesome scenes to deadly prisons and flesh-eating zombies, audiences should be ready to see it all. 

Recently, Sony Pictures also dropped a 2-minute-long trailer for the film. Although the trailer is in Japanese, it has English subtitles that are enough to pique the interest of viewers across the globe. 

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