Who Was Tina Turner And What Was Her Cause Of Death?

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Tina Turner has passed away at the age of 83. The music icon died on 24th May 2023 after a long battle with her illnesses. As soon as the news related to her death was released, the first question raised was about Tina Turner cause of death. Furthermore, Tina’s publicist announced the news of her death through a social media post. However, she did not reveal much about Tina Turner cause of death.

Tina Turner Cause of Death

Tina Turner cause of death was due to natural reasons. She had been battling multiple illnesses for a very long time. The legendary singer even mentioned two months before her death that she was in great danger because of her kidney disease. Moreover, two years ago, in her documentary Tina, she also talked about her struggle with physical and mental health issues.

Who Was Tina Turner And What Was Her Cause Of Death
Who Was Tina Turner And What Was Her Cause Of Death

Additionally, the music icon faced several health issues throughout her life. These included intestinal cancer, a stroke, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and post-traumatic stress disorder due to marriage with Ike Turner.

Timeline for Tina Turner’s Health Issues

Tina Turner faced many health issues over the years and so let’s take a look at them.

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In 2013, Tina suffered from a stroke in October, three months after her second marriage with Erwin Bach. Moreover, she had to stay at the hospital for ten days following this incident as she could not sit or walk properly. Tina was able to stand on her feet again and walk, but she has mentioned that the rehabilitation process was not easy.

Blood Pressure

Earlier on, Tina had mentioned that she was diagnosed with high blood pressure ( Hypertension ) in 1978. However, at that time, she did not take much notice of it as she also had a family history of high blood pressure. Eventually, she faced problems while performing and noticed she could not hit her notes. Furthermore, her unmanaged blood pressure became the reason for more health issues as it caused damage to her kidney as well as her heart.

Kidney Failure

In an unfortunate turn of events, after her stroke, Tina’s doctors told her that her high blood pressure was also damaging her kidneys. Moreover, they discovered that only 35% of her kidneys functioned, which eventually fell to 5%. She had to undergo dialysis and later underwent kidney transplant surgery. Moreover, this surgery took place in April 2017, and her husband, Erwin Bach, was the donor. Her long history of illnesses did not stop her from being the legendary singer she was. Even though Tina Turner cause of death was because of natural reasons, it was after her long battle with her illnesses.

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Who Was Tina Turner?

Tina Turner’s real name was Anna Mae Bullock. She was born on 26th November of 1939 in Brownsville, Tennessee, and she turned 83 in 2022. She started her career in 1957 with Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. 

She was known as the “Queen of Rock n Roll” and rose to fame in the late 60s as the singer for the band Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Furthermore, later on, she became successful as a solo artist around the globe. She was an inspiration for many artists of different generations. Moreover, songs like ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It,’ ‘Private Dancer,’ and ‘The Best’ were global hits. Throughout her career, she sold 100 million records worldwide and won 12 Grammy Awards. 

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Tina Turner’s death has left not only the music industry but everyone around the world in shock. 

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