Tragic Loss: Celebrated Artist Ian McGinty Passes Away at 38

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Ian McGinty, an American comic writer and artist, has unfortunately passed away. His death has made many people wonder about how a young man like him passed away so early. Tributes for Ian McGinty and praises about his work are pouring in from everywhere. So, what was Ian McGinty cause of death? To find out the reason, continue reading the article!

Ian McGinty left a powerful impact on the industry. Those who worked with him in the industry know how kind of a soul he was. All his co-workers are devastated after the unfortunate passing news of McGinty. Surely, the animation industry will never be the same without his talent. 

Ian McGinty’s cause of death: How did he die? 

Ian McGinty’s mother revealed the unfortunate news of his death on social media. Later, another source close to McGinty further detailed his death. The original obituary has confirmed that Ian McGinty’s cause of death was not any chronic illness. McGinty passed away due to natural causes. His family posted this obituary online. In case you want to give it a read, here is the link for it: click here. 

Ian McGinty lived his last few moments on 8th June. He was only 38 years old at the time of his death. 

His tragic death is an unforgettable loss for the family and the industry. We hope that his followers, friends and family members will recover from this loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with them! 

Those who want to do something good for the sake of Ian McGinty can donate to The Hero’s Initiative! 

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Tragic Loss: Celebrated Artist Ian McGinty Passes Away at 38
Tragic Loss: Celebrated Artist Ian McGinty Passes Away at 38

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Tribute for Ian McGinty

Ian McGinty has worked on a handful of projects. And it was because of his sheer determination that he made every project that he worked on a hit. Those who are familiar with the comic industry know him quite well so his career requires no introduction. But just to highlight his superior achievements, Ian McGinty has worked with reputable companies like; Cartoon Network, and Boom! Studios, Nickelodeon, and IDW Publishing. 

Ian created ‘Welcome to Showside.’ Z2 was closely involved in this project. After Ian passed away, Z2 issued an official statement explaining how deeply he will be missed. The statement also emphasized Ian being a true friend to them. Ian had a close relationship with Z2; the majority of his projects were associated with them. And he worked there for approximately 10 years. 

Ian McGinty was full of life. His latest tweet was about he wants to create more comics. But unfortunately, he could not achieve this dream. People are expressing their grief on the web about this sad event. In case you are disturbed by this news, you can check these posts on social media accounts and empathize with those people. In a FB post, Ian complained about feeling unwell, but we are not sure if this illness was related to his cause of death. 

Katty Farina also paid tribute to him. She revealed that Ian was a good person inside and out. His only goal in life was to create more comics. And he will be missed immensely. While Alex Graudins wrote that it is hard for him to process Ian’s death. When he was new to the comic world, all that he saw was Ian. But now that he is gone, it will be hard for him to keep up with the same industry! And we agree with Graudins. 

Ian McGinty is survived by James and Laura McGinty (his parents), Thomas and Patrick (his brothers), and other extended family members who loved him. So, that was everything that you needed to know about Ian McGinty cause of death. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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