Tony McPhee’s Cause of Death Revealed

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The founder of Groundhogs, Tony McPhee, at the age of 79, has passed away. Tony McPhee’s cause of death is a fall at home last year, which caused health complications later. The authentic Groundhogs channels revealed the news of his death over social media platforms. He had been through ill times in the past decade. However, he also went through a stroke in 2009.

Groundhogs Singer’s Cause of Death

British blues, and rock group, the Groundhogs, said goodbye to their team member, Tony McPhee. He has fallen last year due to which he faced health complications, which might be the cause of Tony McPhee’s death. He died on Tuesday in front of his family including his wife, sons, and grandchildren.

Rockers posted on their Facebook page about the death news of a 79-year-old guitarist on 6th June at home. However, he survived due to the support of his family when he was fallen last year. In 1960, Tony was the leading figure within the Groundhogs and visited many cities around England.

Tony along with his group achieved three albums, being in the list of top 10 of the UK figures. He has been working with this group for six decades. However, the group faced friction due to upholding John Lee Hooker on his dates in the UK.

After being separated briefly, Tony and Bassist Pete Cruickshank worked on the band again and launched their initial album in 1968.

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Tony McPhee's Cause of Death Revealed
Tony McPhee’s Cause of Death Revealed

Who was Tony McPhee?

Tony McPhee was a professional guitarist. He is the founder of the blues rock band Groundhogs. He supported Jack Dupree and John Lee Hooker in the concerts arranged in the UK in mid of 1960. Mike Vernon, the producer, recommended T.S.A, to be added to his name. McPhee made a duet with Jack Dupree in 1966 which, was considered to be tough shit. The duet was called “Get Your Head Happy!,” to make it similar to the official blues name.

Finally, The Groundhogs merged with the blues and rock team to make a better trio that produced a masterpiece in the top 10 UK albums chart in 1970. However, they have continued to perform to the present day, but McPhee got retirement from the band officially in 2015.

Regardless of only performing in Grounhogs, McPhee has also taken part in Herbal Mixture, the John Dummer Band, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, Tony McPhee’s Terraplane, Tony McPhee’s Turbo, the Tony McPhee Band and Current 93.

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McPhee’s career with The Groundhogs

The Grounhogs was a renowned band for touring artists. Furthermore, Groundhogs was their go-to band likewise Little Walter and Jimmy Reed.

Finally, after the split of the band, McPhee and bassist Pete Cruickshank recreated the band. This was the golden period for the band. They successfully released three consecutive Top 10 albums in the early 1970s. Moreover, they also backed rolling stones on their tour in 1971.

The trio of Groundhogs, including McPhee, Cruickshank, and drummer Ken Pustelnik celebrated 40 years and played a vital role in their 70s hits.

Besides that, McPhee suffered from strokes in 2009, which affected his ability to sing, and eventually led to his retirement in 2015. He had been suffering from health issues after his fall incident which, could be the cause of McPhee’s death.

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