Who Is Sophie Cunningham Boyfriend? Everything We Know

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Sophie Cunningham is a 26-year-old professional basketball player who plays for the Phoenix Mercury. While she is often in the news for her great athletic skills, many people wonder whether she has found the one. Some people have also been assuming that the professional athlete is a lesbian. However, Sophie Cunningham identifies as straight and has a boyfriend. But who is Sophie Cunningham boyfriend? Is he also a professional athlete? Well, here is everything you need to know about Sophie Cunningham’s boyfriend!

Who Is Sophie Cunningham Dating?

Sophie Cunningham is currently in a relationship with Jakob Neidig. She started dating him in 2018, and since then, the duo have been going strong. However, the 26-year-old does try her best to keep her romantic life private and has only spoken about her boyfriend a couple of times in public.

More About Sophie Cunningham Boyfriend – Jakob Neidig

Jakob Neidig is not a professional basketball player and is majoring in accounting. He also plans to work in the same field.

But this doesn’t mean that Sophie Cunningham boyfriend isn’t interested in sports at all, as he has played basketball for Ottawa University.

Furthermore, Jakob Neidig’s parents are Gerry and Jymi Neidig, and he grew up in Missouri. He studied at Ozark High School. Here he played soccer and basketball. Due to his great athletic skills, he helped his high school win the Missouri State Championship in 2011, the Regional Championship, and the Missouri State Soccer Championship in 2013.

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Who Is Sophie Cunningham Boyfriend? Everything We Know
Who Is Sophie Cunningham Boyfriend? Everything We Know

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Relationship Timeline

Before dating Jakob Neidig in 2018, the professional basketball player was dating Christian Aragona. The duo began going out in late 2015 but eventually split in 2018. Neither Sophia nor Christian shared why their relationship didn’t work out. Christian, too, was not a professional athlete and currently works as a Field sales assistant for Boston Scientific. Furthermore, he had previously gone to Mizzou to study Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Sophie, too, had travelled to Mizzou at the time, and this is where they met.

After breaking up with Christian in 2018, Sophie Cunningham began dating Jakob Neidig, and the couple has been in love with each other since then.

Finally, even though Sophie Cunningham often makes headlines for whooping goals, it’s good to know she has found the one who makes her heart smile. The couple has also shared pictures of each other on their social media accounts, and they look adorable together.

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