Throne and Liberty is Expected to Release in Second Half of 2023

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NCSoft and Amazon Games are set to launch the multiplayer online role-playing game Throne and Liberty. It initially started as a spinoff to the long-running MMORPG Lineage series, but as the game developed, it became its own intellectual property.

The highly-anticipated game has already made fans curious to learn all the details about Throne and Liberty release date. Moreover, Amazon Games’ partnership with NCSoft will only make the game accessible in multiple regions, increasing its fanbase. So, there is a lot to expect from Throne and Liberty.

Throne and Liberty Expected Release Date

Throne and Liberty will release in 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series, X|S, and PC in North America, South America, Japan, and Europe. There is no announcement regarding the official date. But fans expect no further setbacks or delays from the developer of the game.

Throne and Liberty Release Date, Gameplay, Plot and Trailer
Throne and Liberty Release Date, Gameplay, Plot and Trailer


The game’s website briefly describes the storyline. Throne and Liberty will be a story-based game where gamers explore the fantasy world. The players will be introduced to Star Children as people with extraordinary abilities. Silaves, the Goddess of Destruction, has granted the Star Children special powers, which get scattered worldwide.

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Now, Revil Lupius and Arekuem Legions have taken Solisium under control. Thus, the Star Children have to fight for freedom to restore peace.

Though the latest available description of the game seems vague, it will start making more sense after the developer releases a detailed context surrounding these events. Besides, the gaming community knows that MMORPG mainly focuses on giving the players the power to create their own stories as they continue their adventures. So, we think Throne and Liberty will be no different.

Throne and Liberty Gameplay

It is an open-world game featuring PvP and PvE combat and cross-platform play. You can team up with your friends to fight the threats. Now, if the players want a face-off against their friends, this game allows them to opt-in.

The world of Throne and Liberty will have a dynamic weather system and a day/night cycle to give a realistic feel to the game. So, the visuals, atmosphere, and events will change in this game as the gamers continue exploring. Also, the players can transform into animals and trigger multiple effects like rainstorms, solar eclipses, and more.

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Furthermore, the world of Throne and Liberty is pretty vast. It includes dungeons and spells and allows players to select their preferred weapons. The gamers can simultaneously be equipped with two types of weapons and switch between them as required. Guilds will also play a significant role in the gameplay of Throne and Liberty. It helps to control different objects on the map, such as Blessing Stones and Dimension Stones.

Most importantly, MMORPG games give the players full Liberty to customize their own characters. Thus, a wide range of options will be available to customize the character.

Well, this is all for the gameplay, but if there are changes before the launch, we will update you with the same.

Is There A Trailer?

The developer did not release any official trailer for Throne and Liberty. However, the YouTube channel of NCSoft has dropped a 10-minute long exclusive “Director’s Preview-Full Version.” You can watch the video to understand what is coming for you.

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As of now, the developer did not announce the price details. The information will likely come out in a few days. So, watch out for this space to receive all the updated information.

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