Legend of Zelda Sequel “Tears of the Kingdom” Release Date Announced! Coming on May 12th, 2023

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Expectations for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are high. This is mainly because of the standard set by its prequel Breath of the Wild. Nintendo is tugging onto the fans’ interest by slowly revealing features about the game but still maintaining the excitement around it. 

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Release Date

The release date for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will be May 12th, 2023. The release date’s set exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In addition to the standard edition, a collector’s edition will also be available

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Story

The Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom takes off with Link and Zelda coming across a huge underground chamber. This chamber is lit with green light all around the mummified remain of Ganondorf’s physical body. However, Ganondorf arises, and as a result, Zelda goes missing. Meanwhile, Link’s right arm and Master Sword become tainted by the corruption, ultimately leading to the sword being shattered.

With the aid of the Blood Moon’s power, Ganondorf launches a fresh attack on Hyrule by calling upon hoards of monsters to attack. While doing so, he also lifts Hyrule Castle into the air. Meanwhile, mysterious floating islands begin to appear out of nowhere across Hyrule. These islands appear to be connected to the lost Zonai people, whose ruins are scattered throughout the land.

Despite the chaos, both Link and Zelda survive the ordeal. However, they are once again separated. Link’s corrupted arm grants him new abilities like the Sheikah Slate’s. Meanwhile, Zelda is tasked with finding a way to repair the shattered Master Sword with the assistance of peculiar tear-shaped relics. As always, it falls upon Link to save the Kingdom with the support of old and new allies.

Tears of the Kingdom New Features and Developments

  • Link’s new abilities

Link no longer has access to the Sheikah Slate’s capabilities. However, he appears to be able to get similar skills via cutting-edge technology that fuses with his potentially corrupted arm.

    • Recall

Reverse the direction of things. This allows Link to ride falling boulders back into the sky to reach Sky Islands or fire weapons back at foes. Only an object’s movement is reversed via recall; time is not altered. The L button can halt an object’s motion while being recalled.

Legend of Zelda Sequel "Tears of the Kingdom" Release Date Announced
Legend of Zelda Sequel “Tears of the Kingdom” Release Date Announced
    • Fuse

To enhance characteristics like strength, reach, and durability, players may fuse weapons with common materials like pebbles, sticks, and even mushrooms. Certain items can be used to enhance Link’s equipment, adding effects such as smoke bombs that extinguish when his shield is struck.

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    • Ultrahand

Link can manufacture temporary cars by fusing materials like wheels, fans, logs, and fabric with Ultrahand. These vehicles let people travel in novel and fascinating ways throughout the globe.

    • Ascend

Ascend will allow Link to jump through objects above him, like roofs, caves, and cages. Some areas, like caves, may take a bit longer to ascend through as Link swims through the space he is trying to get to.

  • Sky Islands

The development of many floating islands across the Hyrule landscape is a crucial feature of Tears of the Kingdom. These range from little dispersed platforms to enormous landmasses overflowing with enemies and unique surroundings.

According to the official website, Link’s adventure begins on one of these Sky Islands. Moreover, he is only able to leave once he acquires certain skills, much as the Great Plateau tutorial location in Breath of the Wild. Once granted the freedom to roam, Link can jump from islands and hit the ground quickly or slow down his descent by becoming larger, utilizing the paraglider, or using other flying devices.

Link must ascend to the sky on his own to continue travelling these islands. There are certain locations distributed around Hyrule that let him do so. This is either by using new vehicles or the recall power of rocks that have fallen from the islands.

There are several methods to cross these wide and narrow platforms on the Sky Islands, as well as unique traversal strategies. These include swimming through water spheres and jumping farther because of low gravity.

  • Changes to Hyrule’s Open World

In addition to the intriguing spherical islands in the sky, Hyrule’s wide-open environment is changing in other ways. Most of the landscape in the trailers is strikingly similar to how things seemed in Breath of the Wild. This includes villages, ruins, stables, various biomes, and woods.

The Sheikah Towers and Shrines have seemingly disappeared. However, strange new towers have appeared in similar places, possibly fulfilling a variety of purposes. These could be exploring the undiscovered territory, ascending to the sky, or learning secret information.

Additionally, from above, players may see unusual shimmering green auras and enormous paintings reminiscent of the Nasca Lines, revealing locations where Link can fast soar to the heavens or uncover interesting features.

Tears of the Kingdom introduces a novel system of caves running beneath Hyrule. The extent and depth of these caverns remain unexplored. However, Link can employ the Ascend ability within them to return to ground level while exploring.

In addition to the mysterious new structures, the Hyrulean monsters have returned. Moreover, they have formed larger camps and strongholds in areas where they were previously absent. These include bases that newly received reinforcement, the addition of Re-Deads and Stone Talus minibosses with platforms on them, and mining operations run by monsters. There have also been reports of a vast, three-headed hydra monster defending the Lake Hylia Bridge.

Tears of the Kingdom’s gameplay emphasizes the value of materials since common items may be combined to become weapons and vehicles. At stables, one may see materials like sails in various sizes. Additionally, utilizing these resources, some areas may be explored by building boats via rivers and lakes.

The skies above possess distinct characteristics, including novel foes such as giant statues made from cubes and new flora and fauna unique to the sky.

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  • Cavern and Caves

The world beneath the surface of Hyrule may have undergone significant changes as well. Glimpses in certain trailers show Link navigating through dark or lava-filled caves that appear to be remarkably extensive. They feature distinctive biomes, mine carts, and other elements.

It remains unclear whether these vast caverns will serve as replacements for Zelda’s iconic dungeons or will be open for exploration as part of the main story or free roaming. Nonetheless, they hold some significance.

  • New weapons

Adding a rock to a stick transforms it into a more powerful hammer. Similarly, when a farmer joins a branch to their pitchfork, the pitchfork becomes longer and has greater reach. In Tears of the Kingdom, Link can combine his equipment with food, plants, materials dropped by monsters, and technology to achieve various effects, such as a shield that breathes fire or homing assault arrows. A new stone shield can fuse with a giant dragon head, which spits fire at nearby opponents to deal damage. During a charged leap attack, a massive pole fused with an odd cannon will blast explosive bombs from its tip. Your arrows will become homing arrows if you combine them with Keese Eyes.

  • New armor

Aside from the returning armor sets like the Flamebreaker Armor, Snowquill Set, and the modified Champion’s Tunic, there are new clothing and armor sets available for Link in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s still unclear if armor upgrading will be the same as in Breath of the Wild. However, each armor set is likely to provide unique benefits.

At the beginning of his journey, Link’s seen wearing a new robe. It has a grey tunic and green sleeves, paired with sandals. Another scene shows Link descending through laser grids while wearing a red-winged outfit to slow his fall.

In addition, there are glimpses of Link riding on a new armoured horse, sporting a horned outfit, and battling a giant worm boss wearing armor with a glowing crown.

  • Vehicles and Flying Machines

Players may build and operate various vehicles in the open environment of Tears of the Kingdom. The new game offers a variety of different vehicles to develop. This contrasts Breath of the Wild, where players could rig up rudimentary propulsion devices utilizing mine carts and Magnesis.

The gameplay direct from March demonstrated that Link could use his Ultrahand power to combine objects and build a self-propelled speedboat that spanned a small lake. Vehicles equipped with fans can start and halt when struck with a weapon and operate on battery power. Furthermore, striking the green glue holding together multiple-fan vehicles can halt them.

Additionally, the video showed a larger flying apparatus. It has four fans in one scene and a fan with flashing green material that served as a crude hot air balloon in another. Players have minimal restrictions on what they may build and how they can utilize these vehicles. This is because they are entirely configurable and function in conjunction with the game’s physics engine.

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In the last video, Link can be shown employing his stone mech to battle a Stone Talus. The stone’s made of enormous stone slabs and sits atop a wheeled platform with waving arms and a moving lever on top. There is proof that Link can utilize his skills to develop more useful vehicles to aid the Hyruleans. These skills include towing a cart constructed with the Ultrahand to transport villagers by horseback.

  • New Characters 

The latest trailer for Tears of the Kingdom, released on April 13th, teased some new characters. The giant Sky Islands and the lost Zonai tribe, which once inhabited Hyrule, could potentially connect to them. One of these characters appears to be an entirely new species. It has large ears, but whether they are an ally or an enemy is unclear. Interestingly, this character’s appearance resembles the mural in the game’s first official trailer. This suggests a possible alliance with Zelda and perhaps even being a member of the Zonai tribe.

While Zelda is speaking, we may see another individual wearing Zonai and Sky Island attire. Their face is not revealed. They are notable for having a banded, blackened arm that resembles the one on Link’s corrupted limb.

Lastly, a character resembling a Hylian appears, displaying impressive magical powers by slicing through hordes of enemies with a powerful beam in the desert. This character also wears attire affiliated with the Zonai and may be another ally in Link’s adventure.

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