What is Jason Twist Cause of Death? How Did Jason Twist Die?

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The news about Jason Twist’s death has left a lot of people in shock. The sports world lost a true legend on 14th May of 2023. Jason Twist’s cause of death has been the biggest question that everyone is asking. He was a renowned 8-ball pool world champion with a marvellous career over the years. Furthermore, ever since the news about his passing surfaced online, everyone wants to know Jason Twist’s cause of death. However, not much is known related to his death. Moreover, Jason Twist’s family is currently mourning his death and further details like the funeral and Jason Twist’s cause of death are not known yet.

The sports world will always remember him for the champion he was in his 8 ball pool games. Moreover, tributes for Jason Twist are pouring in online.

Jason Twist’s Cause of Death

The news about Jason Twist’s cause of death has not been revealed yet. His close friend Carl “Houdini” Morris shared the news about his death. Carl, who was also a pool player, shared the sad news through a Facebook post. Along with it, he also shared an emotional message which touched the hearts of many people. This is the only news that has been shared regarding Jason Twist’s death. Jason Twist’s cause of death has not been disclosed yet. His family and friends are currently grieving the world champion 8-ball pool player’s loss.

Jason Twist’s great contributions to the pool game will always be remembered. His legacy is one for generations to come. Whether you were a fan or just someone who liked watching pool, you will appreciate Jason Twist’s game. He was undeniably good at his job and therefore, remains one of the greatest legends in the world of pool. His loved ones as well as the pool community will feel Jason Twist’s absence deeply.

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Who Was Jason Twist?

Jason Twist established himself as a legend in the world of pool. He was known as ‘Tornado’ in the 8-ball pool world because of his marvellous career achievements.

Jason Twist won the World Championship in the 8-ball pool as he was a very skilled player. He claimed this title not once, but four times. Furthermore, he also claimed the WEPF World Rules World Championship twice, in 2000 and 2002.

Furthermore, he also claimed victory in the IPA World Professional Seniors (over 40) Championship. Before this, he also won the Blackball Rules. Jason Twist won the IPA championship two times. He emerged as the consecutive champion in the years 2015 and 2016. In the year 2015, he triumphed over Roger Demortier who belonged to France. Furthermore, in the year 2016, he defeated Jeremy Hooper who was from Cornwall, England.

What is Jason Twist Cause of Death? How Did Jason Twist Die?
What is Jason Twist Cause of Death? How Did Jason Twist Die?

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More About Jason Twist and His Career

Jason Twist was residing in Ilfracombe. It is a coastal town that is located in North Devon, England. He practised his skills and established himself as a legend in the 8-ball pool world in this very town. Apart from securing World Championships, Jason Twist also won three European titles. He represented the England National pool team from 1989 to 2009 and played a key role in their several wins.

Over the span of his impressive career, he claimed a staggering 12 world-team titles. These contributed significantly to the outstanding total of 16 world titles. Jason “Tornado” Twist’s career is one for the history books because of his excellent achievements.

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