Immortals of Aveum: Release Date, Price, and How to Pre-Order

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Immortals of Aveum is on the edge of being dropped on your screens. The upcoming Immortals of Aveum is a brand new single-player adventure shooter game. Moreover, the developer—Ascendant Studio —and publisher—Electronic Arts—are ready to allow you to join Jack on his journey to save the world from falling into an abyss. Keep reading the article to learn about the Immortals of Aveum release date, price, and details of pre-ordering.

Immortals of Aveum: Release Date

Electronic Arts have officially revealed that Immortals of Aveum will be released to entertain gamers on July 20, 2023. This is not an early access release date. So, all the shooting game fanatics can pick up a copy and enjoy the magical shooting game every day.

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Gameplay and Story

Fans are expecting this upcoming game to be an amazing treat, as the director, Bret Robbins, has a reputation for producing spellbinding narratives in his previously released games. Additionally, the gamers can control Jack, a nonpareil Triarch Magnus, who is on an expedition to save Aveum.

Furthermore, the players will have to unravel enigmas to secure Aveum’s future from ongoing war and terror.

In addition, as far as we consider the gameplay, Immortals of Aveum has a slight touch of the latest Doom reboot games with more magic and less ultraviolence. Fascinatingly, this creation seems more fast, fun, and panic-stricken. There is a chance to master 80 talents and 25 spells with three forces of magic. However, the overall look gives an intense glimpse of serious battles and quests.

Is Immortals of Aveum Available for Pre-Order?

Fortunately Yes! Be fast to book your orders as Immortals of Aveum is now available for pre-order. Surprisingly, all pre-orders come with a magic blue weapon called the Purified Arclight Sigil bonus. Nevertheless, the wizardry weapon increases the rate and accuracy of strike and shatter spells.

Additionally, the Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition are available for pre-order. However, the Deluxe Edition has the Ancient Relics of Aveum Pack, including the below-mentioned in-game products.

  • Triarch’s Wrath Sigil (a weapon that can use all three forces of magic).
  • Ring of Rasharn
  • Aristeyan Ring
  • Immortals Ring
  • Desnyr Lens
  • Lucian Chain
  • Vial of the Pentacade
  • Bracer of the Colossal
  • Sky Island Gauntlet

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Immortals of Aveum: Release Date, Price, and How to Pre-Order
Immortals of Aveum: Release Date, Price, and How to Pre-Order

Pre-Order Prices for Different Consoles

The Immortals of Aveum video game is offering varying price ranges for different consoles. Howbeit, let’s take a look at the rate list:

Immortals of Aveum: Prices for PS5 Pre-Order

  • The Deluxe Edition is for £79.99 on the PSN Store.
  • The Standard Edition is for £68.98 on Amazon with a pre-order price guarantee.
  • The Standard Edition is for £59.95 on The Game Collection.
  • The Standard Edition is for £54.85 on Hit.

Immortals of Aveum: Pre-Order Prices for Xbox Series X/S

  • The Deluxe Edition is for £79.99 or £70.09 on CDKeys.
  • The Digital Standard Edition is for £60.09 on CDKeys.
  • Standard Edition is for £54.85 on Hit.
  • Standard Edition is for £64.99 on GAME.

Immortals of Aveum: Pre-Order Prices for PC

  • Delux Edition is for £59.99 on the Epic Games Store, and Delux Edition is for £50.09 on CDKeys.
  • Standard Edition is for £40.09 on CDKeys.

Where Will the Game Be Released?

There is sad news for those who continue gaming on Xbox One and PS4, as the publisher wants to deliver a cutting-edge cinematic experience, the best performance, and maximum staunchness to ensure engagement with the game. Besides, the current editions of consoles and PCs have upgraded software that does not compromise the quality of the game. However, Immortals of Aveum can be played only on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.  Electronic Arts has excluded the Nintendo Switch from the list of available devices.

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