Heavenly Delusion Season 2: Everything We Know

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“Heavenly Delusion,” the captivating anime series that graced our screens in the spring of 2023, has won the hearts of many anime enthusiasts with its enthralling storyline. Based on Masakazu Ishiguro’s manga series, the first season, comprising 13 episodes, aired from April to June 2023. As the season concluded with a gripping cliffhanger, fans eagerly anticipated news of a second season, eager to unravel the mysteries. The demand for “Heavenly Delusion” Season 2 is soaring, making it a hot topic among anime lovers worldwide.

Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Release Date: An Uncertain Future

While fans anxiously await news about the release date of “Heavenly Delusion” Season 2, there has been no official confirmation from the makers or the anime’s production companies, leaving the question in the air. Online sources have been buzzing with speculation, but the release date remains a mystery. Nevertheless, the emotional support and enthusiasm from the audience suggest a hopeful outlook for a second season. The success of Season 1 on Disney+ could play a crucial role in determining the green light for Season 2. Additionally, nine volumes in the manga series raise hopes for further exploration of the anime’s narrative, as only 32 chapters were covered in the first season.

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Heavenly Delusion Season 2: Everything We Know
Heavenly Delusion Season 2: Everything We Know

Blessed Delusion Season 2 Plot: Continuing the Thrilling Journey

Though the official plot for “Heavenly Delusion” Season 2 is yet to be revealed, fans anticipate a continuation of their favourite characters’ journeys. The anime weaves a unique tale with two intertwined storylines: one following Maru and Kiruko and the other centring around a group of children living in the secluded Takahara Academy. The captivating blend of action, mystery, and suspense keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. As the story explores a post-apocalyptic world where modern civilization has crumbled, Takahara Academy, overseen by Artificial Intelligence, stands as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. On the other hand, Maru and Kiruko embark on a dangerous quest to find paradise amid a nightmarish Tokyo.

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Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Cast: Hopes for Reprising Roles

While the official confirmation for “Heavenly Delusion” Season 2 is pending, fans remain optimistic about seeing the original voice actors return to reprise their roles. The first season featured a talented cast that brought the characters to life:

  • Gen Sato lent his voice to Maru in Japanese, while Jonathan P. Leon voiced the English version.
  • Sayaka Senbongi portrayed Kiruko in Japanese, while Anjali Kunapaneni voiced the English version.
  • Kona’s Japanese voiceover was Toshiyuki Toyonaga, and AJ Beckles took on the role in English.
  • Mimihime’s character was brought to life by Misato Fukuen in Japanese and Tia Ballard in English.
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi performed Shiro’s Japanese voice, and Hao Feng voiced the character in English.
  • Taka’s Japanese voiceover artist was Yuuki Shin, while John Choi lent his voice to the English version.
  • Dr Sawatari’s Japanese voice was Tadashi Muto, and Nick Martineau provided the English voiceover.

As fans continue to show unwavering support and enthusiasm for “Heavenly Delusion,” the anticipation for Season 2 continues to grow. The allure of the anime’s storyline and the captivating performances of the cast have solidified “Heavenly Delusion” as a series to watch out for, and fans are eager for its return to their screens shortly.

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