House of Villains: Everything We Know

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House of Villains is an upcoming reality TV show that will be released soon. Moreover, the upcoming reality TV show has an interesting plot. It is only recently that new details have been announced regarding the new reality TV show. Furthermore, House of Villains will be released on the E! network in October 2023. This will be the newest addition to the messy reality TV show list. Moreover, the star-studded cast makes the show even more interesting to watch. House of Villains will have contestants from previous reality TV shows, completely changing the game of reality TV history. Furthermore, the show will be full of messy drama and interesting content. The E! network has recently dropped the teaser trailer for the upcoming House of Villains.

House of Villains Release Date

According to E! News, House of Villains’ first episode will come out on Thursday, 12th October of 2023. Moreover, the new reality TV show’s first episode will be a supersized episode with a duration of 75 minutes. House of Villains will premiere at 10 PM on E! network. Furthermore, the extra-long intro episode will give an insight into the mix of reality TV stars in House of Villains.

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House of Villains: Everything We Know
House of Villains: Everything We Know

What is House of Villains about?

The new reality TV show, House of Villains, is bringing a mix of infamous reality TV stars from previous reality TV shows. Moreover, the show will have 10 contestants who will fight against each other in a fierce competition. Joel McHale will host the upcoming reality TV show. Furthermore, Joel McHale is a comedic legend as well as an actor. He is also famous for his show, The Soup, which is also an E! network show. Furthermore, the show will follow the badass contestants trying to outsmart and manipulate. As they will be faced with a series of tests each week.

Every week, the participants will compete in a task in order to test their physical, emotional, as well as mental strength. Whoever ends up winning the task will be safe from elimination. However, one of the contestants or villains in this show will be voted out of the house and sent home. Furthermore, according to reports, the reality TV show is similar to Big Brother but with a villain cast. House of Villains will have one winner in the end, winning a cash prize of 200,000 US dollars. The winner will also get the title of ‘America’s Ultimate Supervillain’.

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House of Villains Cast

Earlier on, the cast for the reality TV show was not revealed. However, E! News revealed the finalized cast for the villains of the new reality TV show. The 10 contestants for the all-new House of Villains include:

  • Jax Taylor. He is an international TV personality as well as a former model. He is famous for starring in Vanderpump Rules for a total of 8 seasons.
  • Omarosa Manigault Newman. She is a famous reality star and started off by appearing on the first season of The Apprentice in 2004.
  • Tiffany Pollard. She is famous for her witty and funny personality. She is famous for appearing on Flavor of Love in 2006 and was fans’ favorite.
  • Corinne Olympios. She appeared in the 21st season of The Bachelor.
  • Tanisha Thomas. She is a famous TV host, reality TV personality as well as an executive producer. She rose to fame with the series, The Bad Girls Club. She also got her own spin-off called ‘Tanisha Gets Married’.
  • Jonny Fairplay Dalton. He is a reality TV legend and is famous for appearing in Survivor.
  • Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee. He appeared in season 2 of Love Is Blind.
  • John ‘Johnny Bananas’ Devenanzio. He appeared on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ and won seven times.
  • Anfisa Arkhipchenko. She is originally from Russia, and she rose to fame after starring in 90 Day Fiancé.
  • Bobby Lytes. A rapper as well as an entrepreneur was the first openly gay cast member in Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

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House of Villains Teaser Trailer

The trailer for House of Villains was released in August of 2023. Moreover, it revealed all the 10 cast members where they gave fun intros. Click the link below to watch the trailer:

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